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Resume What a Wonderful Life

Awards and Certificates I've been Lucky!

    Louisiana Tailgate and BBQ Championship 2009

    Times Picayune Recipe Cookbook Contest 1986

    Times Picayune Recipe Cookbook Contest 1987

References and Acknowledgments "You like me, you really like me,"

Thank You Letters - Table of Contents Page Donations to Non-Profit Events

Home Repairs: Siding and Gutters, Fence, Front Yard Gardens and Stieffel Family Fountain

Transit of Venus using my DS-8 Telescope

In my backyard I have been working on several projects.... just for the record....Backyard Pond and Garden! , Ascending Angel!!  Fig Tree!  It's alive!  , Hot Tub Garden , Trois Fruit Trees

OMG!! It's an Alligator!! in the front yard!!

Beaujolais Noveau 2011

Fishing Trip November 2011

Mardi Gras 2011, Walk Like an Egyptian  

Mardi Gras 2012, Save Our Spaghetti

Hiking Trail Logs!!

I am going to hike all of the Trails at the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, the following are my Trail Logs!  The Barataria Preserve is just 25 minutes from downtown New Orleans.

Audubon Park Loop Trail  This is more of a walk then a hike. But for the tourist, bike enthusiast, walkers, or workout people, this is a great location to work up a sweat or just get the blood flowing. 

Audubon Park Golf Course GPS Map!  You can see that we really did stay on the cart path!!


Some of my Television Appearances, Photos and Stuff:

Personal Photos and Catered Events

Donations, Galas, and Nonprofit Album

Outdoor Parties and Picnics Photo Album

TV Shows and Appearances

Bernie Cyrus and "LTV" Show ; I did about 15 shows with my buddy Bernie, he is as much a nut off camera as he is on. But let me tell ya, he knows his Louisiana music, and no one does a better job promoting our special brand of Blues, Jazz, Rock, Alternative, Country, and Rap as does The Bernie!
Bernie and I are Goin' South, We'll fry up some Quesadillas, we'll show ya how, we'll even raid the fridge! Can't beat that!
Alec Gifford and "Alec's Kitchen" Alec is "The Man" in local New Orleans anchormen, he is smooth, interesting and just plain fun to work with. The half hour that we worked together just flew by. He is the greatest!
Susan Powell and PBS's "New Orleans Recipes" TV Show You've heard Susan on thousands of local commercials, she worked with me completely without a script. She is a total professional, we really clicked on camera! We taped 4 half hour shows in less that six hours, what a trooper!
Eric Paulsen and the "LTV" Show; I did several shows with Eric, we did many more at his regular gig on his morning show at WWL Channel 4.

"Throwdown with Bobby Flay" This is what I wrote before the show aired.

"Throwdown with Bobby Flay" Follow up Comments and Pics.

"Throwdown with Bobby Flay" Additional Pics and comments.  Some of these were given to my by friends.

My son Emile (The Boy) Laurent Stieffel IV

Well, He Graduated!!

LRA In-Booth Schedule Aug 1996

In-Booth Demonstration Photo Album

Outdoor Parties and Picnics Photo Album

Mardi Gras Recreations and Parties Photo Album

Jeannine's Song (My Mom's thoughts on Cajun, Creole, Roux and Life)

Michelle Jeannine (My Daughter)


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