Chef Emile and Alec Gifford of WDSU TV

Prepare Party Hors d'oeuvres on the hit New Orleans show Alec's Kitchen

We had a great time "cooking and yucking it up" during the taping of the show. The first showing was on April 18th, WDSU_TV Channel 6 from New Orleans, La.

We cooked these recipes, watch the show and join us on line reviewing these recipes:

St. Joan's (of Arc, Patron Saint of New Orleans) Check out the show, we talk about how romantic St. Joan's, (Joni's) heart was not charred during the grilling!

Beef Marinade , this is our "drunken" marinade, perfect for preppin' sirloin strips for the grill!

Basmati Fried Rice a great side dish for our grilling!

Moose Droppings, this is our Halloween HDO, done with Dixie Beer's White Chocolate Moose and Bratwurst!


Shrimp Shells, are popcorn shrimp smothered in butter, wine and garlic, then piled on to croissants and covered with Italian Cheeses!

Crawfish Won Ton, Louisiana favorite crustacean done Chinese style!

GO to: Alec's Kitchen You can check out other recipes cooked on Alec's great show, he has the best in New Orleans chefs and they have linked some of the best recipes you will find anywhere on the net!

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