Bayou Coquille & Kenta Canal Trails

(Revisited, again!)

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Barataria Preserve

Chef Emile's Bayou Coquille and Kenta Canal Trails Log

January 2, 2010

Ann, myself, Laurent, Mallory and KevinAnn and I have walked these trails several times (only 2 miles total up and back!) .  Bayou CoquilleBUT, this is the first time we have walked it in midwinter.  It was late in the afternoon about 3pm, and the sights that we saw this time were much different from our other hikes. Check out the Bayou Coquille and Kenta Canal, and  my Revisited Trail Logs.  And this time we brought along my son Laurent and great friends Mallory and Kevin Pollard.

The afternoon was bright blue skies with white fleecy clouds and in the mid 40's. The trails were somewhat crowded, we only saw 20 -30 people on the trail so it was quite busy. I guess this was because of the influx of crowds for the Sugar Bowl the day before.  If you look closely from the pic above right, the bayou was very low.  I don't know if that was from tidal flow, but we have had one of the wettest rainfall ever for the month of December.

Egret and Alligator!

There are several decked off-shoots from the main walkway that extend about 40 -50 feet into the marsh from the Bayou Coquille Trail.  These give a great opportunity to view objects from another vantage.  The egret on the right was fishing for minnows.  BUT, just in from of him about 10 feet away was a 5 foot alligator.  The alligator flushed the egret once, but the egret came back.  The alligator didn't get him, at least while we were there.

We saw one squirrel run along the decked walkway! No Pic, Damn! 

At the intersection of the Bayou Coquille and Kenta Canal Trails we saw this raccoon eating the pyracantha berries, he was just about 12 feet away, COOOOL!


I have figured out how to add my Trackpoints from my Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx to my webpage. These are from one of our past hikes.  Bayou Couquille and Kenta Canal Trail Log Notes and Map (I would suggest to zoom in a little and click on the hybrid view.)Kenta Canal Trail Decking

The Garmin calculated that we walked a total of 2.2 miles.

We only saw one alligator on the Bayou Coquille Trail and NOT ONE along the Kenta Canal Trail, this was a first because every other time we have walked this trail we saw dozens!  Also, the other times I have walked this trail I have seen many fish swimming in the water, none this time!

The winter chill has a direct effect on the cold blooded creatures, they don't move much!

But I did get this great shot of the sun riding low on the horizon. 




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