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Chef Emile's Audubon Park Exercise/Walking/Jogging/Biking Loop Log

December 9, 2007

Audubon Park Walking PathThe day presented white fleecy clouds with some sun and in the low 70's, another "10"! Great for a walk in the park!

Audubon Park is about 6 miles up river from Canal Street and the French Quarter. It can be reached by the St. Charles Ave. Streetcar. (Currently the street car only runs to Napoleon Street, but repairs are underway and should be reopened in the up coming months).  There is also the John James Audubon Riverboat that ferries patrons to and from the Aquarium of the America's to the batture behind Audubon Zoo. Audubon Park Walking Biking PathThe walking Loop is only about a 1/4 mile north from the dock. But, most people either take a taxi or car.

The loop is between St. Charles Ave. and Magazine St.  There is a parking lot inside the loop just 50 feet from the Magazine St. entrance, this is where we parked. AND, I would suggest to anyone to park here. FIRST, it is FREE!!! and SECOND, there are plenty of places to park.

The below is a Google Map generated by that day's recorded trackpoints from my Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx, you can zoom in a see a nice aerial view of the walking trail and the golf course. OR you can zoom out and figure out the best way to get to the park!

Audubon Park Walking Track Trail Log


The Loop is multifunctional, it accommodates many forms of exercise. Check out my Golf Course! Map.

Audubon Park Walking PathWalkers and runners use the inner portion of the asphalt paved road and are directed to travel in either direction. While the biking portion is on the outer portion of the Loop.  Bikers are directed to travel in a counter clockwise direction. Laurent (my son) and I have taken our bikes on the Algiers Ferry, biked down Magazine Street,  ridden the bike path then, back to the ferry several times. Now that is a full day's exercise.

There are also several exercise stations with instructions where pull ups, deep knee bends, sit ups, and other forms of exercise are directed. Sorry, no pics.

The second picture tells almost the whole story of the Loop. The path is dog friendly, jogger, walker and biker all are using the Loop!Drinking fountain for people and dogs!! There are at least two fountains where both people and dogs can get a drink of water!! But Tick's favorite drinking fountain is on the northern section of the Loop, the dancing statue fountain. In the summer time, she loves to jump right into the pool and cool off! I have seen several people walking their dogs, and the puppies drag their masters to the pool and jump in!!! They know where it is!Dancing Fountain and Pool 

There are plenty of things to see on the Loop. (Not withstanding the women joggers!) On the downriver, or eastern side is a duck and egret nesting ground.  Many people bring their kids to feed the ducks here. There are also several park benches available for resting at this location. (see the picture at the top of the page)Taking a nap


The Loop encircles the beautiful Audubon Park Golf Course. Audubon Park Golf CourseI have played this course many times and is probably the best public golf course I have played for the money (under $35 for a weekday.)  It is an executive course (par 62) with only two par 5s. The greens are small and very challenging.  You really need to know your Irons to play this course. One of the holes, 15th, I think, is outside of the loop and on the western side. When I play the course, I get to watch the walkers, and when I walk, I get to watch the golfers!Audubon Park Golfers


There is also a wider loop (no picture, sorry) of  a path that encircles the asphalt loop. This path follows through the trees and is just feet from the park's boundary.  It is mostly used by joggers that don't like the jarring effect of asphalt.  It is seldom used by walkers and bikers.  So if you are looking for a little more space to run, this is the path for you.

The solitude rating on this walk is a -4!! There is none! The path has always someone on it day or night. BUT there are several places that a hiker can go and sit alone. Stone Bridge Audubon ParkThere are at least 2 gazebos and there is a wisteria grove near the Tulane corner of the walkway.

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