Hot Tub Garden

2011 to who knows when???

Hot Tub GardenSpring is in full bloom, and we should be building a garden.....

OK, so below the foot of the hot tub's deck Ann and I decide to build a garden!!

The Old deck wood is recycled, cut and hammered into place...   Potting soil is added, daylilies and mulch!

WELL, they didn't do much, so this year we have planted a couple of tomato bushes. It is early March, 2012. The plant of the left is "Early Girl" and the one of the right is a Creole tomato.  NOW wish us luck!

May 2012, Creole Tomatoes!!!

The hot tub deck was filled in with leftover sand from the plumbing repairs.

While taking the sand filling pics, I noticed that one of the planters that we haven't add new annuals have a couple of petunias flowering from last year!



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