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2010 - Till?


OK, so I am not a big gardener!!  When I was a kid my punishment was mowing the grass or weeding the garden for doing some trumped up charge of wrong doing.   I can still remember in '67 listening to WWL Radio's call of the Saints first game and Gilliam running the opening kickoff for a touchdown when punished to weed the back garden!!  I have scars!

Ok, so this is the start!  My lawn has sunken 16 inches since I purchased the home in '86. Chef Ricky's son-in-law Dean offered another half yard of topsoil and we filled the garden between the garage and walkway with some really good dirt. 

Ann and I started with an idea to continue the landscaping with some Knock Out roses.

 I used the scalloped concrete edging that I have had  in the back yard to accentuate the sidewalk. The garden is now ready for the red mulch.

May, 2012, the Knock Out Roses have gone nuts!!  The brown is left over sand from the plumbing repairs.

The garden next to the garage has two really nice cicadacea palms so we built around them. Of course, we had to add another yard of dirt, this time from a local garden center.

May, 2012, the palms are doing great and so are the red caladiums. The fill is the left over sand.

Another gonna be garden along the front fence!


The above are two of the oleanders that we dug up to install the Family Fountain!  Now that is recycling!

Some red brick copping, roses

Last year we purchased the 3 foot terracotta pig just because it was tooooo cool. Well March of 2011 we filled it with topsoil and planted some waving petunias.

Just Planted on April 5, 2011

Our Pig Planter on May 17, 2011. She even has a solar light, but no lipstick!


You can see just how much the land has sunk!! This is the light pole on the corner of the front lawn!!  SOOOOO, more dirt!!

Front Light Pole Garden on May 17, 2011, GROWTH!! You Go, You Snow Princesses!


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