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Aurora Catering, Inc.

Chef Emile L. Stieffel III

Ms. Laurie Toups, Program Manager, NOJCC, Satchmo Club Strut, (504) 236-8711

Sister Jane Briseno RSM, Executive Director, Mercy Endeavors, Mercy Senior Activity Center, 1017 St. Andrew St. New Orleans, LA  70130, (504) 568-0607

Ms. Louise Fergusson Saenz, Executive Director, Save Out Cemeteries, Inc. Post Office Box 58105, New Orleans, LA 70158-8105, (504) 525-3377

Ms. Linda Menne PGA WEST,  Director of Member Services, 'The Western Home of Golf in America' 555-955 PGA Boulevard La Quinta, California 92253 (760) 5647111 Fax (760) 771-2823

Ms. Diane Pavlo, Columbia Records, 550 Madison Avenue, NY NY 10022,
1-(212) 833-4562

Catered corporate party a Jimmy's Music Club for 400+ people, included hors d'ouevres, Chef's Stations, and Boiled Seafood.

Ms. Susan Powell, Marketing A.P.S., 762 S. Rampart St., New Orleans, LA 70113,
(504) 522-6277

Producer and On-Air Companion of the TV Show, "New Orleans Recipes."

Mr. James A. Hardy, Executive Director, New Orleans Summerbridge, P. O. Box 60350, New Orleans, LA 70160
(504) 566-6293 or FAX (504) 566-6891

Aurora Catering has catered many meetings for the New Orleans Summerbridge, Price Waterhouse, and private family reunions and other events for Mr. Hardy.

Ms Pam Small , Executive Secretary, FM Services, 1615 Poydras St., New Orleans, LA 70112 ----- P.O. Box 61119 New Orleans, LA 70161
(504) 582-4000

        Aurora Catering has catered at the Louisiana Special Olympics for Freeport McMoRan volunteers for many years now.

Times Picayune Recipe Cookbook Contest 1986 First Place Appetizer Division

Times Picayune Recipe Cookbook Contest 1987, First Place Appetizer Division


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