20 plus year old water lily!Back Yard Pond

1988 to who knows when???

This is the pond and deck that I built in the late 1980's!  I bought the water lily from American Aquatic Gardens on Elysian Fields in New Orleans!!

Upper pond view, February 2012Their stuff is GREAT!!


The pic to the right is of the upper pond in February of 2012, that water lily is HUGE!!

Knock Out Roses planted May 2011Earlier, In May of 2011, we planted these knock out roses, just to the left of the pic (above right).





The (below right) is a side view of the roses in May '11.





The pic on the left is of the Knock Out Roses in March of 2012.  You can see that they have grown, but not much.  I would recommend planting these earlier, maybe even in the winter.  Just to let them adapt to their new location.




 I built the pond with two heights separated by a weir.

I installed that weir over 20 years ago, AND it is still level and works beautifully! That is hydraulic engineering, Bubba!!

I bought this art fountain from American Aquatic Gardens in 2011, BUT I bought the Little Giant pump in 1989!!, IT STILL WORKS!!!  ....... Also, you can see a piece of the bridge that I built at the same time..... It is still in fine shape......  If it can hold me..... well......


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