Pedernales Falls

State Natural Area, Texas Parks & Wildlife

Chef Emile's Pedernales Falls Trail Log

January 22, 2006


Ok, so this is more of a walk then a hike!! I took the Wolf Trail for a little over 2 miles. Then came back down the same trail. I only saw two people along the trail, they had camped out the night before, and were going back to their car to get more provisions to camp out another night.

The official map is good, but not great.  There are few topographical lines and with no elevation markings. This is well noted by a guy from New Orleans.

This trail log is written about 10 months after the hike, but I wanted to get it down and describe my experience.

Pedernales Falls Wolf TrailWe started late in the morning on a clear and somewhat warm day for January.  From what I understand it hadn't rained in several months, so there were no burn conditions, not even in the camping areas. A lot of the vegetation looked like it needed a good rain too.  I was looking for cactuses and saw many of the small pear cactuses but no large cactus stands.  I thought I might see some of the ball type cactus, but didn't. I am not much of plant guy, and there probably are many more that I missed!

The Wolf Trail meanders along and passes over Regal and Bee Creeks. OR should I say creek beds. No rain means no creeks! There were two notable areasPedernales Falls Wolf Trail, the picture on the left is of a gully overlooking Bee Creek. You actually look down to the tops of the trees! That was cool, I guess it is about 30 feet down! There were a couple of stagnate ponds, they really needed some rain to produce flowing water. The pics were taken with my Treo 650 and not the best quality.

The trail continues somewhat up hill to a Primitive Camping area. This is pretty cool, because the view from several spots through the trees are super you can see the hills for many miles. Sorry, I didn't take a pic, Damn!  I was actually considering coming back in a couple of days and camping overnight, but Enchanted Rock called me! The camping areas were nice. The ground was very uneven but the park had build some platforms where by you could pitch a tent. These were strategically located so that the view from them was impressive!


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