Alligator Planter

This might be fun!

On December 30 of 2011, Ann and I were walking around the Quarter just doing the "tourist" thing and we ran across this metal alligator at Greg's Antiques on Decatur St.  He and his place is kinda funky, we have always checked it out when we are in the area, and have gotten some cool pieces there.  Well Greg saw that we were looking at it and offered to cut the price from $95 to $75 bucks.... Well, got it on a whim!

Well, I got it home the next day, and took this pic on Jan 1.... I put my staghorn fern on his head and an idea is born..... Lets put him in the front yard and seasonally decorate him!!

Ann and I dug a hole and cemented a 6 X 6 pressure treated piece of wood that was left over from the replaced front porch column.

I drilled 4 holes in the base plate then screwed some lag bolts into the wood for support (and to slow down anyone who might try to take our gator!!)......Ann built this cute little garden, this is the first appearance of Marti Gator!!

Patty O'Gator has been drinking!!

Patty has his cane, shamrock tie and top hat!

March, 18th and 19th...

OMG..... The Green Hand has shown up for St. Joseph's Day......

It's Al "Da Hat" Gata with his bocce balls, red wine and Da HAT....

Gata sleeps with da 2012 Easter bunnies...

After St Joseph's Day Allie caught the Easter bunny, put it's basket on his head and spilled out all of the Easter eggs... Oh and check out the spinning pin wheel in his hand!!.

Keep checkin' back (see above), Allie has the Easter Bunny in his grill!

OMG, Allie has a new Easter bonnet! And has been collecting eggs!

Allie the Easter Gator














Our Gringo Gator celebrates Cinco de Mayo!!

Our Alligator celebrates Memorial Day 2012

Allie Gator is ready for summer 2012! Umbrella, Sunglasses, Flip Flops, Sand Bucket and Fishing Pole.... OMG, Allie has caught some fish!!











The Rockin' Jake Band hangout wit the Da Gator!!

!The Rockin' Jake Band and Da Gator

Allie Gator survives a tree falling on him during Hurricane Isaac!

OMG, It's Halloween!!



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