Audubon Park Golf Course

Audubon Park, Garden District New Orleans, Louisiana

Audubon Nature Institute

Chef Emile's Audubon Park Golf Course

May 27, 2008

The below is a Google Map generated by that day's recorded trackpoints from my Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx, you can click on the HYBRID button and zoom in a see a nice aerial view of the golf course. OR you can zoom out and figure out the best way to get to the park!

Audubon Park Golf/Walking Track Log


Hey Man, if you can follow the track, we never left the golf cart path! OK, excerpt for going on the Tees and the Greens.  The Loop is multifunctional, it accommodates many forms of exercise. Check out my Audubon Park Exercise/Walking/Jogging/Biking Loop Log


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