Fig Tree

In November of 2010 we planted our fig tree! YEA, now when do we get some fruit???

Sorry, I forgot to take a pic!!


OMG, in March of 2011, it has lost all of it leaves!!! But it looks like we have some new growth!!  I'm not dead yet!!

In May of 2011, we have sprouted leaves !!

July 4th, 2011 the tree has been engulfed by a clinging vine, BUT....

 we do have some figs on it!! 

Closeup of a ripe fig!!

OK, now it is March 2012, the tree hasn't grown much, but at least there are buds on all of the branches.... Figs, this summer???

May 2012, the Fig Tree has it's leaves back and lots of green figs, if like last year, wait for July!


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