Little San Bernardino Mountains

Fun Valley, Riverside County, California

Chef Emile's Little San Bernardino Mountains Trail Log

December 26, 2006

Little San Bernardino MountainsThere was nothing "Little" about this hike, except for the name of the mountains!! This was tough for me.  Behind these mountains is Joshua Tree National Park. You can see one of the peaks in the distance on the right hand side of the pic.  The Wide West Canyon runs along the eastern side of the mountain, and on up the northeastern slope.

This was my first hike that was not in a State park or a Reservation, it is just a trail that hikers have made. COOOOOL.

This mountain is about a half mile away, and you follow the ridge up to the summit, a 1,100+ foot vertical climb! See MAP. (thanks Florian)  I know it doesn't look like much but it is!!

SO let me show ya where we are going! We parked across the street from the Desert Pools RV Park, 70450 Dillon Road in Desert Hot Springs, CA. There is a trail there that marches North, but you really don't need it.  Just head towards the beginning of the mountain's ridge. Like I said, it is about a half mile away and a nice hike through the desert.  There are many 4 wheel trails and paths that have been cut through the desert floor.

Little San Bernardino Mountains The FortWe met some people there, they were coming down and they asked us how high is the peak? (They had stopped at the first stone pile.) My brother said, it wasn't far, just a couple of huffs and puffs. (sorry, there are no pics of the various stone piles I ran across up the ridge).   So I was lulled into believing that this was an easy hike. WRONG!!

Little San Bernardino Mountains, "The Fort"A Side Bar: A stone pile to me is something that people have built. It is not a natural formation.  I have always added a stone to one whenever I have run across one, I don't know why, I just do!

As we climbed up the ridge we finally made it to a spot that they (my Brother and his wife, Sharon) called "The Fort". I thought it was the height of the trail, I was ready to celebrate. So, I added some stones to the structure!! Little San Bernardino Mountains

I was WRONG, again!

They pointed to a flag, and said that is were we are going. YEA, Right! I can't see a flag!! Boy, Was I WRONG!Little San Bernardino Mountains

After resting of 10 minutes or so, we started to CLIMB again!!!! This trail always follows the ridge of the mountain, ya just can't get lost. From the pic above, you just walk from the right side of the pic, up to the summit.  This pic is about 500 or so feet (vertical) from the summit.

SOOO, off we hike to the top.  A little rest and I am good to go, sorta!!

Little San Bernardino Mountains Trail Summit

 I Made It !!!


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