Enchanted Rock, Loop Trail

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Chef Emile's Enchanted Rock, Loop Trail Log (Revisited!)

December 24, 2007

Ann and I, Enchanted Rock Loop TrailI'm BACK!!! Enchanted Rock is FANTASTIC!!!  I guess, one of the days I have to climb it!!  That may sound dumb, but I have found that there are hidden treasures that no one seems to talk about along the park's Loop Trail! Ticks and I camped out there in January of 2006, when I visited the Enchanted Rock in 2006.

Enchanted Rock Trail Log Revisited MAP


I have finally figured out how to put my Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx recorded tracks on my Website!!! So after much trial and error, this is what I can show!!  I would suggest to zoom in a little and click on the hybrid view.

Enchanted Rock Loop TrailAgain, the official map is great! The topography lines are of great help because they are in increments of only 20 feet!  The annotations are from my hike in January 2006 and are in red. My current Acrobat software will not allow me to make notes and drawings. Damn!


We took the Loop Trail clockwise around the base of Little Rock and towards the back of Enchanted Rock.  The second picture shows that the beginning of the Trail you climb about 120 vertical feet, in about the first half Enchanted Rock Loop Trail, The Borg Cubemile or so. Not that bad of a climb, because it is along a well worn path, but well worth it. Along the way there are several fantastic rock formations. These are not shown on the map, but are a welcome treat to see. The one that you see to the left is unnamed as far as I can tell. It is almost a perfect cube about 40 feet tall and somewhat imposing, sooooo I am "officially" calling it THE BORG CUBE!! Resistance is futile. "The Jugs" Enchanted Rock Loop Trail



 Enchanted Rock is made of a reddish granite, but there are several types of out-cropping of white quartz and other colors of granite.  The pic to the right is a very strange collection of worn rocks, they look like old whiskey jugs! So hence my calling them "The Jugs".

Enchanted Rock Loop Trail



 Ann getting a little shade!All of the above pics are rock formations that you see in the first mile of the Loop Trail.  So if you don't have a lot of time and want to have a nice walk, I would suggest this as a mini up and back walk!


 OK, on to Enchanted Rock, Loop Trail Revisited, PART DEAUX!


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