My Hero the Tooth Fairy
All of my life all I ever wanted was a regular old T - Rex but nooooo could I ever get that. I asked my parents to tell the Easter Bunny that I wanted a T - Rex but of course did I get one nooooo all I got was a Stegosaurus. So I asked Santa Claus for a regular old T - Rex and just guess what I got a stupid Compsognathus. And do you know what that stupid stupid Compsognathus did? He ate up all of the other presents. Which was pretty unbelievable since he was only the size of a cat.

So I only had one hope left the Tooth Fairy. I wrote a letter (asking for a T - Rex), crumpled it up into ball, and put it under my pillow. I hoped that when the Tooth Fairy checks my pillow for a tooth she will find the note. So I woke up the next day and there under my pillow was a 24 foot T - Rex.

Hi my name is Emile and welcome to my home page. Now I will give you some background information on me.

I attend Arden Cahill Academy. I started when I was six weeks old. And now I’m into the second grade. Some of my best friends are Matthew, Cheatan, and Kyle.

As for my family I have a dad Emile Laurent Stieffel III, a mom Debbie Stieffel, a sister Michelle Stieffel, and of course two dogs Lindsey and Ticks Stieffel.

I also went to summer camp at Cahill (it was very fun).  I was a barracuda that is the name of second graders. We went on a field trip to Waterland USA (that was sooooo cool). We also did a play Orphan Annie.



DAD Emile

OK So I added these, Graduation from De La Salle