In-Booth Demo Photo Album

Get customers to your booth and keep them there (with Cajun and Creole Cooking Demo)!

Some of the wild animals will eat right out of your hand!

Just a sample from a small pot!

Everybody gets with the picture...

Some of the booth's salespeople don aprons and act Cajun for a day!

We usually prepare a small pot, right in the booth for customers to learn the ins and outs of how to cook Cajun. Many customers will stay 15 -20 minutes or come back many times to keep track of what's been added to the pot.

Teaching the "Art" of peeling crawfish!

So many customers, so little time!

Aurora Catering would like to thank CLS Software and MAI Systems for the use of these pictures. They are great companies and I had such a fantastic time serving their customers!!!!

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