Range and Fishing Trip

Thursday and Friday, November 17 & 18, 2011

About noon on Thursday, they started the trip off with a little plinking practice at the Plaquemines Police Target Range in Myrtle Grove.  I didn't get there until about 1:30pm because I was doing the Beaujolais Noveau arrival at the JW Marriott.

My brother David brought at least 10 guns... I brought 3, and several of the other guys brought many themselves.  We could have won a war! 

These pics are around 4pm when they decided to do a little skeet shooting.  I took the 4th or clean up position.... That's the hardest because clay pigeon is WAY out there! I did pretty well, about 1 or 2 hits per 3 shot load! 

Also, you can see from the top left pic that I don't shoulder my shotgun until the clay bird is released.  It is much more sporting that way!!

We then drove down to Venice Marina and settled in with some charbroiled oysters, bacon wrapped shrimp on a stick and filet mignons! Dinner was great!!

NOW, on to fishing!!

We left the dock at about 7:15am, a little late for our planned departure of 6:30am, but never mind.  Karl Schneider with his first redfish!The each pylon on the peer had it's own brown pelican!.   Our skipper was Peter! He did a GREAT job!!  He only uses lures and and spinners on his boat...  I have never done that, I have relied on live shrimp, cockahoes and bait shrimp.  Boy did I learn a lesson!

At our first stop, we caught a channel cat.  Fresh water and good eating!  We kept it!! Then on to the next inlet... Peter dropped the trolling motor and we slowly entered an inlet.  As we went in, Karl Schneider caught his first red.  A beauty!!..  Karl Schneider and a BIG red!




Karl Schneider and a huge red!


Then another, and another and an other!!!   He was DA MAN!!




Karl bends a pole!













The Red wouldn't fit in the ice box!!


Look at the size of the head on that sucker!!,




 I am talkin' about Karl!


Glenn Perich, and the boat's biggest fish!


Glenn Perich caught a MONSTER!











 In total we let go 4 GIANT reds back into the water!! WOW, they were bigger than I have ever seen before!!

OH, Yea I caught a nice sized one too.... We got to keep that one!!  By day's end we limited out on reds... We also caught one flounder (I kept that one!)... A small speck that broke my 30+ year old reel!!


But the day was not complete..... we got back to the marina, had a couple of beers, and across the dock was my old charter boat from 30 years ago the Cougar!!  IT is painted dark blue and white now, but then it was a sea foam green...  BOY what fantastic times we had on it!!

Check me out 30 years ago!!




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