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Jean Lafitte, Louisiana

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jean Lafitte Nature Study Park TrailheadThisTrail Head Map park is not part of the Jean Lafitte National Park, it is owned, built and maintained by the Town of Jean Lafitte.  It is only a couple of miles from the National Park, and thus has the same feel, sights and experience as the National Park.  

The entire trail is decked and complete with hand and foot rails, of course this makes the trail handicapped accessible and great for people with strollers.

TWell Head Canalhe Sunday afternoon that we visited it was somewhat cold in the upper 40s with an overcast sky.  But this did not deter people, we saw 5 people fishing (3 from the decking and 2 in a boat).  We also saw 3 other couples walking the trail, so I would not say that there is much solace along the trail. But because it is a cypress swamp and several hundred yards off of the main road there was only the sounds of birds, quite inspiring!

There are also 3 or 4 covered pavilions along the trail. They all have benches and would be great for family picnics and getting out from the direct sunlight or unexpected rain.

If you look closely at the pics you can see that some of the decking is weather worn and others are new.   So I am guessing that they do a good job of upkeep on the park, now that is good to see!

Egret RookeryThere was some trash in the swamp waters, but not much,  mostly in the canal area.

The entire park is built over a cypress swamp we didn't see any alligators or snakes, I bet because of the time of year.  So we have got to come back later in the spring and I am going to bet that we see some then!

Egrets Feeding.There is an egret rookery about midway along the trail and yep we saw several dozen feeding in the shallow swamp waters.

All in all, Ann and I had a very pleasant Sunday Stroll!! .









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