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Here are some of our catering recipes!!!. Most cookbooks are designed to feed 6 to 8 people, impractical for a caterer. So, our quantities are somewhat large; but, if you are looking to throw a party or if you have a big appetite, try some of these...just click on a TITLE button

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Go to our Hors d Ouevres Recipes So Cher, you want to have a party! Here are some ideas for tidbits and hearty appetizers!

Go to our Soups, Gumbos & Salad RecipesSouth Louisiana is world renown for it's gumbos and bisques. Several are my award winning recipes, and others have been handed down in my family!

Go to our Recipes for Catered EntreesIt takes a lot of beef, seafood, and poultry to feed Cajuns. These should give you some ideas for hungry guests!

Go to Recipes for Vegetables and Side Dishes If you travel down Bayou Lafourche on 308 or Highway 1, between Thibodaux and Cutoff you'll notice that every Cajun cottage has a vegetable garden right outside the kitchen door! (thanks LV)

Go to Recipes for Cajun Sauces and VinegarsNew Orleans' Creole cooking is a direct descendent of traditional French cooking mixed with Choctaw, African and many other influences. Our use of sauces is legendary, we use them for dipping, garnishing, or completely smothering an entree.

Go to Dessert Recipes I haven't typed in many of my desserts, I guess I'm not much of a sweet tooth.C

Go to Recipes for Breads and Batters Same thing here, I am definitely not much of a baker! Please Help by contributing some recipes below!

Go to our BBQ Tips and Miscellaneous Recipes Check out my Tips on BBQ, When you are grilling $7.00 per pound meat, the right tip can save ya big money!


Brunch and Breakfast RecipesA Sunday Breakfast Brunch is probably my favorite meal... Here are some of the Cajun and Creole Recipes that I have developed!






If you are going to a Mardi Gras Parade or hosting a party.... Ya gonna want to check out these Menu Suggestions and Tips






Our newest list of catering recipes are South of the Boarder inspired! .... Since Katrina, New Orleans has had a tremendous infusion of Latin workers, soooo, many new Latin restaurants have popped up, AND I try to frequent them all!! These are my twist on their food offerings.



Go to our Cajun Thanksgiving and Holiday Recipes


Check out my NEW! Cajun and Creole Christmas - Thanksgiving and all of the Holiday's Recipes




 Who Doo?? You  Doo!! Voo Doo, Fondue Recipes as shown on WWL, for the Morning Show!


Go to 1996!! Here are some of the recipes that we did for Sam's Club at the 1996 LRA Show!!!

Go to 1997!! These are the recipes that were done at the LRA convention for Sam's Club in 1997.


Did ya catch Chef Emile on the WDSU, Channel 6 -Morning Show? If so then here are those promised recipes, all with the theme of MINT!!!

Go to our Halloween Recipes


Check out our recipes for that special Harry/Scary Halloween Party. We're cooking Kitty Litter Box Cake, Dem Bones, and others!!! (Just Click on the Pumpkin Head) OR Halloween Recipes





Easter Reicpes from the BayouEaster follows Mardi Gras and so do our special Cajun and Creole Easter Holiday Recipes!  The Catholic religion is alive and well in South Louisiana and is the basics for many of our traditions.  We gather with family and friends for Holy Week and especially on Easter Sunday.  Wanta see what our family cooks?? Wanta Cook our style foods?? It is just a click away!


Chef Laurent and Chef Joe (of Port o Call Restaurant) cooking Crawfish.... Recipes from the IACP Gumbo Giveback






gif courtesy of Linda Sawaya and Saudi Aramco World


 Middle Eastern food is fantastic, here are some recipes that I have developed that are traditional in prep and function, BUT have a little Creole and Cajun flavors added! (gif courtesy of Linda Sawaya and Saudi Aramco World)

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