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Wednesday October 6 - Tuesday October 13, 2009

OMG, I'm Back!! August 27th and 28, 2010 (See Below!)

My Third Trip!!! an Interactive Cooking Class, Catered Wedding Reception,  and Video Taping for Silver Spring (TM) in Eau Clair, WI... Whata week!!!.

Dr. David Danahar, President SMSU

From the beginning!

This week was one of the highlights of my entire culinary career.  It would never have been possible without the help and dedication of the student body and staff of Southwest Minnesota State University.  Throughout the entire week I never encountered anyone to say NO!  IT was always "Yes, Chef."  Whenever I asked for a volunteer to do something, I had three people offer!! WOW!

Also, my very dear friends Dr. David Danahar and his wife Cecelia made this fantastic event possible, I will be forever in their debt!!


They flew me up to Minneapolis, I rented a car and drove west.  About 15 miles out of town you enter a corn field and almost 4 hours later (I drove slowly!) you arrive right up to the university! Those were my directions to get there!  SO, gather round the campfire boys and girls and I will tell you a story about my experiences in the frozen tundra of SMSU!


Below are my first trip notes and thoughts from 2009!


I was asked to give several lectures on the Cajun and Creole Cultures of South Louisiana and how they formed our unique cooking. Soooo, settle down kids, take your seats and NO Spitballs!

Lots of prep had to be done and this was a BIG batch of Muff Olive Salad!

Prepping Jambalaya for the Mustang Mardi Gras Homecoming 2009

Just prepping a little Andouille for a 300 plus person Gumbo!

Hey, this is the Heartland! They love New Potatoes here! Well, maybe not prepping 800 plus!

Prepping for the Gala becomes an all day Crawfish Tang!

Final day prepping and cooking for the Mustang Mardi Gras Gala!

The Mustang Mardi Gras University Gala!! WOW, What an event!!

The Mustang Mardi Gras University Gala! Part Deaux!

The Mustang Homecoming Parade 2009, and I get to throw beads!

The Mustang Mardi Gras Tailgating Festival, complete with Alligator and Snow

Game time!!..... And it is UP to the Presidential Box Suite for more food!

If it is Sunday, Then it must be Jazz Brunch time in New Orleans or Marshall, MN!

Blizzard and Frozen Tundra

The drive back to the Twin Cities


There were several news articles that were published before and and after the Mustang Mardi Gras.

Mr. Jim Tate, Associate Director of University Relations had this Press release for The Independent newspaper on September 28, 2009

Ms. Amanda Paine submitted this article in SMSU's The Spur, Student Newspaper "Behind the Scenes with a Chef"

Amanda also published my recipe for Stuffed New Potatoes in her column, Paineless Cooking.

Mr. McMellan Legaspi published "A Night of Fundraising and Food" in The Spur.

Thank You Letter from Ms. Stacy Frost.

Thanks to Jim Tate and Michael Cheng of SMSU for taking and supplying many of the above pics!!

OMG, I am back!!!

While I was up in the FROZEN tundra of SMSU last year, President Danahar ask me if I would come back and teach a Cajun/Creole Interactive Cooking Class.  OF COURSE, I said YES!!!  Sooooo at the Gala, they had an auction for my return visit. Below is the follow up activities. This was a blast!!

OK, sooooooo I am back in the corn field, a four hour drive from Minneapolis to Marshall and Guest Lecturing to the Culinology students

Interactive Cajun and Creole Cooking Class!! Everyone got involved! Or I told them they wouldn't eat!!

Check out many other pics on Michael Cheng's Facebook Photo Album

Also check out Michael Cheng's Facebook Photo Album of my return trip!

My Third Trip!!!


The Interactive Cajun and Creole Cooking Class 2012

  Amanda and Ross's Wedding and Reception Catering, Stillwater, MN   April 23, 2012

Additional Pics from Amanda and Ross's Wedding

Travel and Tours of the farm.... and my own wasabi plants!

  Cooking and video taping at Silver Spring (TM), Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Drive Back


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