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Monday, April 24 - 25, 2012

In February of 2012, Ms. Amber Leininger of Silver Spring (TM) asked me if she could use my recipe of Creole Jambalaya in conjunction with a promotion of their Cocktail Sauce.   She wanted to substitute the tomato sauce called for in the recipe for their Cocktail Sauce.   I said let's try it!! AND a great correspondence relationship was formed!!  She sent me several pics of their twist on my recipe!!! Click on the pic or HERE, and it should open to a new page.

Amber sent me several samples of their different mustards ....I was inspired!! Right off the bat, I came up with several recipes.  When I told her that I was traveling up to Minnesota in April, she invited me to stay a couple of days and do some video taping of the recipes I was playing with ...... A GREAT collaboration!!

We did my "Oysters Peppardew"


I did a couple of videos with Noah Wallace.

He and I did our "Man Cave, Cave Sandwich" below...

AND... one with Chef Nicole Meier, of The Livery in Eau Claire.... She is actually from Lafayette, LA!!!  When I first met her, I couldn't pick up her accent.... She had been up in the frozen tundra toooo long... Well after 30 minutes of my broken Cajun accent, we did the video... Her accent came back! Check it out, We did our take of Dilled Grilled Oysters! (and a little wine!)

We did 13 videos on Tuesday!! I hope they can use most of them!! Keep coming back or go to YouTube and search on me!  Amber might post them if they are good enough!

Here are two new ones!! Cranberry Wasabi Glazed Pork Chops


And Mango Wasabi Grilled Salmon