Amanda and Ross

Southwest Minnesota State University

Wedding and Reception of Amanda and Ross

Sunday, April 23, 2012


Picture used by permission and courtesy of  Josh Kohanek Photography

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This is going to be hard to coordinate!!  

Amanda emailed me almost a year before her wedding and asked if I would cater a crawfish boil/wedding... this was going to be held in a Stillwater, MN near the Minnesota/Wisconsin boarder.  We began our event planning with the thought of cooking everything there and hiring some of her friends to help serve..... I mean, how difficult is it to boil crawfish!!Front of the House decorations team



Then, I got the big idea to tie my planned trip to SMSU at the beginning of April to the wedding that was being planned for May..... WELL, AMANDA moved her wedding date!! And Michael said that he could do the Interactive Cooking Class the third weekend in April, since it was finals for the kids!!!  Then Michael came up with the BRILLIANT plan to teach the kids how to cater a Cajun Wedding as their semester project!! Both events would share the costs of travel and expenses.... OMG, this is going to workout!!!

About two months before the trip we started to have Skype video conferencing sessions between myself and the class. Along the way, someone in the class asked about table decorations???  And was this part of their project??? So I asked Amanda if she would propose a modest budget for the decorations... She came up with $250... Michael broke the class up into two teams... a Front Of The House (Floor Servers), and A Back of the House (kitchen chefs).  The kids used cash to produce the two table scapes that you see.  During the event Michael supervised this group, while I took the cooking crew.









What a FABULOUS challenge and outcome!!!

Amanda proposed this menu:

To be passed directly after the wedding while the front of the house crew reset the room from wedding to reception.

Mini Muffalettas

New Potatoes Stuffed with Crabmeat

Then after we were reset, we would serve a more traditional meal menu.

Boiled Crawfish with New Potatoes, Hot Dogs and Corn on the Cob

Throwdown Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya

Red Beans and Rice with Tasso and Ham

Turkey and Andouille Gumbo

Creamy Crawfish Pasta

Vegetarian Raviolis in Roasted Pepper Sauce

Smoked Roasted Party Boudin

The students seasoned the water, Cajun Style, then boiled the crawfish.

We taught the students how to peel crawfish, then they taught the wedding guests.  We had 'em suckin' head and pinchin' tail!



What FANTASTIC opportunity to teach and learn!

Thanks to Michael Cheng of SMSU for taking and supplying many of the above pics!!

AND, THANKS to the Students..... YA'LL did and AMAZING job!!!

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 While I am up in the Frozen Tundra, Lets do some videos for Silver Spring (TM) mustards and sauces.... Really!

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