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Wednesday, April 26, 2012

The farm house is beautiful, the people that I have met were fabulous! What a week.....non stop cooking, working, videos.... that is what being a chef is all about... Adventure!!....

I am on the drive back from Eau Claire to Minneapolis, I am again melancholy, this is, in part, what I dictated...

This is an east to west trip, about 70 miles, but it seems forever... For one of the first times this week, I am by myself... I am lonely.. the scenery is more reminiscent of upstate New York, rolling hills and valleys.. It is not "my" corn field that I have come to love between Marshall and Minneapolis.

It seems like forever since Amanda emailed me and asked if I would cater her wedding up here.. It seems like forever since Michael asked me to do another interactive cooking class... .it's only been a couple of months since I started to chat with Amber, but seems soooo much longer.

all of the planning,,, all of the emails... everything was perfect.. Thanks, to everyone!!!!

Could someone please get married and want me to do another crawfish boil up here!! Please!!!

I turned on KFAN, a Minneapolis radio station that is 24 hour sports... they are talking about my Saints!! and how similar the Saints are to the Vikings... That Louisiana rebuilt the Superdome for the Saints and Minnesota should do the same for the Vikings... I love this place.

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