Southwest Minnesota State University

Creole and Cajun Interactive Cooking Class

April 18 - 20, 2012

I am back in my corn field...and I have come to love it, and this time it is in April.... wow what a stark contrast to the snows of October... This scene is on HWY 212 about 50 miles west of Minneapolis... What beauty!!

I was surprised as to how almost black the soil is.... it appears as fertile as the fields of South Louisiana... The corn from last year is harvested and the fields have be plowed for seed. For the 150+ miles I didn't see one tractor in the fields.. Maybe they have been planted or waiting for a full moon or sign from above to be planted. But all seems to be calm.. I stopped at a dairy farm/creamery and purchased some sharp white cheddar.... WOW sooooo good!

Three plus hours later I arrived at SMSU, the campus is ablaze with tulips! This is far different from the South, when they bloom in March.. 

BUT, I have to work... So on with the cooking!

I have to start off with thanking my beautiful, Ms Amanda Paine.  She  and I met the first time I visited SMSU, she was a student. Now graduated... I called her (last year) when I found out that I was coming back.  I TOLD her she HAD to be there to help me... Of course, she was!  Thanks, Dawlin!


 Mr. Michael Cheng is Director/Associate Professor of the Culinology and Hospitality Management Programs at SMSU.  Again, he and his students were there for my every need. 

 NOW, on to the actual work!! The Interactive Cajun and Creole Cooking Class


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