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Prepping Turkey and Andouille Gumbo

Mardi Gras Gala and

Mustang Homecoming Tailgate Festivities

October 7- 9, 2009

Amanda and JuddOK, OK, OK, I know!

When you are cooking Cajun food, "First you make a ROUX!"  Well that is not always correct.  I asked Michael Cheng and the Culinology Dept to roast off the turkeys before I would arrive, and that is what they did, so I don't have any pics of that!   BUT, I should have gotten some pics of them pulling the meat and roasting the bones to make a Turkey Stock! Damn!Browning Andouille for gumbo!

I don't know how Amanda got in the pic (except that she is cute), because Judd Desindes was the hero of the roux.  He sat on that roux for at least an hour, slowly browning it to a deep dark chocolate color, and not a fleck of burn!

BTW, he is a hero! Judd served in the military with honors! Thanks for your service, Man!

Culinology student Mike Flatin uses a large brazier to browned off the tons of Andouille Sausage for the gumbo!  That was the largest pan available in the department.  If you notice it is the same one that we used in making the roux!!  I have at least 3 of these in my kitchen in New Orleans.  I don't know how they can get by with only one!!  During the week I used the brazier to make at least 8 -10 times!  It became my favorite pan!

NEXT, SOOO Many Potatoes so Little Time!

Thanks to Jim Tate and Michael Cheng of SMSU for taking and supplying many of the above pics!!

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