HOW the Hell do I drive now??!!!

Southwest Minnesota State University

Snow Storm,  Frozen Tundra and Blizzard, OH My

Monday, October 12, 2009

 While riding around campus, I was struck at how quickly the landscape had changed.  In the middle of the prior week, I snapped this show of the fall foliage. Now, look at the view, gone is the color of the sky, trees, ground, everything!


So I put together this list of:

Things good about snow!

The first good snow fall of the year will knock down those pesky brightly colored canary yellow, fire engine red and neon orange leaves from the trees. It also shoooos away those annoying chirping birds!!  NOW, ya can hear the ground beneath your feet crunch!

Snow lengthens the shelf life of road kill. Don't forget that much road kill is pre-seasoned with salt, this too should be considered when curing roadkill.

Want to impress your friends?! Collect some snow, make a snow cone, and flavor with a New Orleans style snowball vanilla syrup. Make sure you only get the snow from tree leaves and not the ground!

If strategically placed, snow can hide minor dings when returning a rental car!

Snow can be used to wind tunnel test the areo dynamics of your car. Just get the vehicle up over 60 mph and note the snow foil pattern.

Do like we do in New Orleans, make a small snowman, put it in the freezer, take it out in July, and see how long it lasts!

Take some pictures, like I did..........All the while knowing that back home it is 85F!!

Go outside and find your car buried in 4 inches of snow and wonder how ya gonna cook a jambalaya now!

Ya get your daily exercise by removing the snow and ice from the widows, and I guess later in the year by shoveling!  That's me on the right just so I can drive 2 miles!

Snow can warn of a hurricane next summer! (Christmas of '64 it snowed in New Orleans and next year we were hit with Betsy, then on Christmas day of '03 we had snow, 2004 Cindy, Katrina, and Rita)

All kidding aside, I loved it!!

I truly was stuck by the beauty of the campus.  In ground Christmas Tree!I am going to keep these pics in my minds eye come Christmas.  How can one not, when you see your first 20 foot real Christmas Tree come to life.

I did rest, I had a great lunch with Michael Cheng.   Then that night mixed drinks, wine, Cecelia cooked a beautiful chicken dinner, and David did the dishes!!


OK, Maybe it wasn't a blizzard.   BUT, 2 inches is a lot of snow!! At least in New Orleans.

NOW, all I have to do is drive back 3 plus hours in the corn field.


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