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The "Seasons" are a great time to use "Seasonings"!!!

A Cajun or Creole Christmas dinner is the same as in many cultures, all about the Family! Aunts, Uncles, Parents and Grandparents, all gathering around a large dinner table feast. So the plate presentation is important.

Tips and Points to Consider for your Menu!

Large platters that are light weight and passable are a must.

Consider cooking smaller portions, but at least one per person. That might sound odd, but not! Your guests are going to try everything. Sooooo, don't cook a whole 8 oz chicken breast, filet it in half, it will serve two!

Choose individual items that are easily served, like the pasta shells below, or bundle veggies!

If you are going to have a crowd of over 20 people, consider investing in inexpensive chafers. These are designed for keeping food hot for several hours, a wise investment that will not only look good, but will keep the food at a servable temperature (145F) and thus, kill most bacteria!

I also like the chafers that are heated by fuel wicks. Electric heated chafers draw several amps, and when 2 or 3 are connected to the same circuit, a blown fuse will occur at the least favorable moment! I also don't like the "sterno" fuels. they are usually too hot and burn out fast. A wicked heat source will burn for several hours.

When planning your menu, choose the unique or special.  South Louisianians  love to serve snow crab legs, leg of lamb or a roast goose.  If you live in Maine, don't do the lobster. If you are from San Francisco, drop the tofu!

The best menu items are the ones that can "hold" for at least an hour. Items that must be eaten within a couple of minutes of preparation are a disaster waiting to happen. "Stuff happens", like guests arriving late or a baby's diaper needs immediate attention.  So, don't get upset if you intend on serving at 1pm, but the actual time is closer to 2pm.

DOOOO, plan on some appetizers, just for the point above!

Design for "Leftovers", purchase in advance hinged covered "to go" trays for guests to take some goodies home.  Purchase some disposable trays and bowls, when the meal is finished arrange the leftovers on the disposables, cover.  Most leftovers are great cold the next day!. Also, make sure you have plenty of the large Ziploc freezer bags available for longer storage.

I know that a lot of people have special Holiday China, BUTTTT, I suggest that you use a high quality acrylic disposable table setting. This is for several reasons: First, if you have plenty of toddlers, kids are going to drop and break you good china. Second, smaller plates allows your guests to graze! Eat some, throw away the plate, and come back later for more!  And finally, I hate to clean up, so if you can clean up faster, then there is a GAUD!

Recipes and Menu Suggestions

Boudin Stuffed Grape Leaves!!  YEP!! These are GREAT to start off a family party!

Thrice Cooked Ducks  Sliced into small servings, leave the shape of the halves intact.

Roasted Pork Loin Medallions (Chops) with Onions and Sauerkraut   This recipe is a French food COMFORT family recipe.

Cajun Fried "Junkie" Turkey There are many recipes for fried turkeys follow this one and you can't go wrong! I have done hundreds for Academy Sports in Gretna and for Cox Communications.

Creole Holiday Dirty Rice This is a MUST HAVE for any Creole, or Cajun for that matter, Holiday meal.

Standing Prime Rib Roast Nothing says "BIG FAMILY" like a Standing Prime Rib Roast! WOW.

Crawfish and Shrimp Stuffed Pasta Shells This recipe is one that I do for my family, we usually get together at my brother's home for the holidays!

Stuffed Mirliton Riverboats This recipe is one that I had forgotten that I had typed up! My daughter found it on my site, and did it for her boyfriend's Creole family dinner, it was a great hit!

Creole Cranberry Relish - This is a MUST for a GREAT Creole Dinner

Pork Tenderloins with Sundried Fig Glaze  - Family Winter Holiday gathering Dinner

New Potatoes Stuffed with Crabmeat This appetizer recipe is one that can be served hot or cold, great either which way!

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon This appetizer recipe is easy to prepare and only takes a couple of minutes to cook and serve.

Creole Oyster Soup Recipe This recipe is easy to prepare and only takes about 40 minutes to cook and serve. A GREAT!!! Family or Catering Recipe!!!

Carrot and Asparagus Bundles This veggie recipe is one that can be served hot or cold, and as I said earlier, individual servings!

Seafood Gumbo OF Course! Every Cajun and Creole Holiday meal must start with a Gumbo! OR try our Smoked Duck and Andouille Gumbo! OR our

Turkey and Andouille Gumbo

Crabmeat Stuffed Pork Loin Roll Ups Another Cajun recipe that has great Holiday flavors and presentation!

Crawfish Pirogues One of the best hors d'oeuvres recipes that you will find anywhere for South Louisiana's favorite mudbug!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup Rather than mashed potatoes or a baked potato, try our soup!

Cochon de Lait (Roast Pig) OF Course!!! No true Cajun Christmas Holiday Recipe page can be without a Roasted Pig!

Black-Eyed Peas and Tasso  A TRUE Southern New Year's tradition!

White Beans with Spiral Cut Ham and Tasso A Great family favorite!


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