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Middle Eastern Inspired Recipes!!!

Here are some recipes that I have developed that are traditional in preparation and function, BUT have a little Creole and Cajun flavors added! (gif courtesy of Linda Sawaya and Saudi Aramco World)


Baba Ganoush Cajun Style!

Chicken Sausage and Red Lentil Soup ....... TRY THIS ONE!!! WOW!!

Labne Marinated Chicken Kabobs ..... Great for a Picnic or a Tailgate Party... Really

Coconut Curry Middle Neck Clams ......  Great as an catering appetizer!

Creole Tabouli (sometimes sp Tabouleh) ..........This is my revision of this great salad. 

Basmati Fried Rice .......  Even though Basmati rice is from India it is great side dish with lamb and Middle Eastern food!

Bathenjan (Aubergine ) Dip ------ My friend Hussan from Lebanon's Cafe in New Orleans has this on his menu.  He adds jalapeños which are fantastic, I like more of the Creole flavors of cayenne and white peppers. Aubergine is Arabic for Eggplant.

Boudin Stuffed Grape Leafs ------- OK, Ok....  I know it is made with Pork Livers

Seared Lamb Chops with Mint Merlot Sauce-----Lamb is the staple meat in Middle Eastern Foods.

Flaming Kasseri Cheese ------ This is one of my favorite HDOs!

Pita/Pizzas Middle Eastern with Just a hint of Creole!!  ---- Ok, ya can't go wrong with this!

Grilled Rack and Boneless Leg of Lamb ---  Two kinds of Lamb Marinated and Grilled!

The Rougaroux Date Martini  ------ Made with Rougaroux Rum and Medjool Dates!  CAUTION!  Made with alcohol.  Really RETRO!

Tzatziki (Flavored Labne) Sauce Recipe The basic Greek Yogurt Dipping Sauce!! (a little Creole seasonings added!)

Za'atar Beef-Lamb Kabobs Recipe Great with Pita Breads !!

Shrimp Stuffed Grape Leaves  This maybe a sacrilege to put a shell fish inside a grape leaf... BUT wow GREAT

Mediterranean Stuffed Pitas (Arayes) OK, OK... so there is some pork in these... Deal with it!


Creole Medjool Date Milkshake  --- OF course,.... a little more flavor and Creolized!


Medjool Dates Stuffed with Praline Pecan Bacon 

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