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Alligator Sauce Piquante with Chicken Stock Rice ---------Dutch Oven Recipe for the PBS TV Show "New Orleans Recipes".
Alligator Sauce Piquante with Chicken Stock Rice ------- This is my 8 gallon recipe! We demonstrated how to cook this recipe at the 2008 De La Salle HS Fais Do Do
Andouille and Pork Sausage Stuffed Cabbage Rolls --------
Andouille, Tasso, Chaurice, Shrimp, and Crawfish with just a little Mirliton Dressing -
Baked Mangrove Snapper with Mirliton Stuffing ------

Beef Stew - Mostly my NanNan's recipe, and definitely Creole based
Black Beans and Rice   ---- (Moros y Cristianos or Moors and Christians)

Black Eyed Peas and Tasso  ----- A true South Louisiana tradition for both New Years and after a funeral... Really!
Braised Beef Strips with Wild Rice -------------
Boiled Crawfish -------------------------
Boiled Crawfish by the Sack ------------ This is the recipe that you want to use for your backyard party.
Braised Beef Strips with Wild Rice -------------
Bronzed Catfish --------------------------------
Cajun Grillades (Pork Loin) (Grillards) ----------This is my large catering or commercial recipe.

Cajun Asian Roasted Atlantic Salmon Filet with Pirogues of Dipping Sauces  ---- This is the recipe that my son entered in the 2008 Chef of the Year Recipe Contest for Johnson and Wales Univ.
Cajun Eye of the Round Beef Stew --------------- GREAT! On a cold and rainy bayou.

Cajun Poulet Isles Recipe -----  Southwest Louisiana Breakfast Buffet Entre!
Catfish Stuffed with Spinach Soufflé ---------------
Chicken and Sausage Sauce Picquante -------------
Chipotle Mustard Omelet --------
Chuck-Wagon Style BBQ Chicken  -------- This is the recipe I use to grill for most of our BBQs.
Cochon de Lait (Roast Pig) --------------------------
Coconut Curried Meatballs ------------- This is the recipe that Chef Ricky and I developed for Finn McCool's Golden Spoon Contest
Commercial Jambalaya Concentrate -------------
Competition Chili Recipe 2008 --------- This is the recipe we used in the Oilfield Chili Cookoff 2008 (INCOMPLETE)
Corned Beef and Cabbage  ----------------------- This is the recipe for the Algiers Friendship Day
Corned Beef and Cabbage Homestyle Recipe  --------- I cook this at home.
Crabmeat Stuffed Pork Loin Roll-Ups with Curly Shrimp Fettuccine -
Cranberry Wasabi Glazed Pork Chops ------I cooked these on site in Eau Clair WS!  See the video!

Creole Crawfish Zucchini Casserole  ---   A great winter buffet entree.

Crawfish Appetizer Dip ------ I wrote this recipe as an App, but as an entree for one per person it works out fantastic!!
Crawfish and Shrimp Stuffed Pasta Shells ---------------------

Crawfish Au Gratin Entree!!!  Really!

Crawfish Boil Etouffee ----  This recipe is Fantastic from leftovers from your crawfish boil!
Crawfish Etouffee-----This is the recipe that I used at WTAMU for our Creole Cooking Class

Crawfish Frittata Recipe ----  Great for a Family Sunday Brunch or an early morning sports Tailgate Party!

Crawfish Omelet with Sauce ----- Another great recipe for a Sunday Brunch

Cajun Crawfish with Spicy Cheese and Bowtie Pasta  (Cajun Mac and Cheese) - Great side dish or with a little more Crawfish an entree!
Crawfish Nets ----------------------------- My award winning recipe in the Times Picayune News Paper Contest

Crawfish Pot Pies  ------------- Great dish for kids, family and guests!!   OK, EVERYONE!
Crawfish Rotini ------------------ 
Crawfish Stew -----------A great recipe to use when you have plenty of leftover boiled crawfish!!
Craw"Fish" Tacos ----------------------- Yesterday's Boiled Crawfish are today's meal
Creole Crawfish Rellenos -------------------

Creole Grillades (Veal) and Grits ----------Our favorite dish for Easter.

Creole Poulet Isles Recipe ------ Fantastic for Sunday Brunches!
Creole Red Beans and Rice -----------------------
Creole Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya ----------------
Crimson Voodoo Pork Loin ---------
Cuban Sandwiches  ---------------- Just like I had them in Miami!!
Curried Chicken with Penne Pasta  ---  This was our donation dish that we served at the Satchmo Club Strut in 2008 
Custom’s Cajun Fried Junkie Turkey -----------------------
Aurora Catering’s Jambalaya from Concentrate ----------------  
Delta Bedrolls ------------------------------
Delta Dilled Catfish ----------- Dill Mustard Batter, ya gotta try this, it will be the ONLY fry fish from then on!
Dulac Duck with Yorkshire Pudding -----------

Egg PERFECT!!! ----- Got House Guests??? Try this!
Eggs Benedict, Cajun Country Style --------------
Eggs O'Brien ------ This is the recipe that we used at the Sunday Brunch for Buffs on the Bayou II at WTAMU

Escargot (Snails) and Mushrooms a du Vin Stuffed Pasta Shells  A GREAT French, Halloween or Buffet Entree!!
Fort Jackson Chicken -----------------------------
French Quarter Frittata ----------------
Grilled Ginger Chicken ---------------------

Grilled Rack and Boneless Leg of Lamb ---  Two kinds of Lamb Marinated and Grilled!
Grilled Redfish Clams -- THE BEST fish recipe of all time!
Gris Gris Chicken Breast with Crimson Voodoo Sauce --
Herbal Chicken Pasta ----------   This has become my donation dish for hundreds of non-profit events!
Herbal Chicken Pasta (Commercial Recipe) -------------
Herbed Chicken Breasts --------------Right to the Point

Herbsaint Braised Sea Scallops in Linguini Pasta
Homemade Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya ---------------------
Man Cave, Cave Sandwiches ---------------------  A true inspiration!----
Mango Wasabi Grilled Salmon ----------------Check out the video!
Mom's Oyster Patties -------------------------
Oil-less Fried Chickens (STACKED) -------------- YEP, I roasted TWO Chickens at one time!
Oil-less Fried Chicken Wings --------------Using Char-Broil's Big Easy Turkey Fryer
Oil-less Fried Turkey ------------------------
Oil_less Fried Pork Loin (Cowardly Pork Lion) This is the recipe that my son Laurent used in the Finn McCools Detroit Lion VS Saints Playoff Game!
Oysters & Shrimp in Pesto Vermicelli -------------
Check out page 185!Oysters with Mushroom Raviolis in Peppadew Mustard Sauce ---------------
Oysters Rockefeller Soufflé --------------
Pecan Praline Bacon ---- This recipe is what I used for Sunday Brunch at Buffs on the Bayou !!
Peppadew Redfish Clams -- A guest claimed that this was the best fish he had ever eaten!!
Pork Loin Saint Laurent ---- This recipe is published in the cookbook "Cooking with the Saints"
Pork Medallions with Mushroom Sauce ------------

Poulet Au Vin Rouge ----- Roasted Chicken with Red Wine

Creole Pot Roast -------- A mainstay in South Louisiana cooking.
Seared Lamb Chops with Mint Merlot Sauce ------------Great Recipe for an Easter Dinner!

Spicy Ladies, Pork Tenderloins and King Mushrooms ---- What a night!

Pork Chop Paddleboats Stuffed with Crawfish Mirliton Dressing --- Long and involved... I KNOW.. BUT worth it!

Pork Tenderloins with Dried Fig Glaze  Holiday or winter family style dinner recipe
Poverty Point Catfish ---------------------------------------------
Red Beans and Chicken Stock Rice (Commercial Recipe) -------

Red Beans and Rice 80 Quart Pot Recipe..... This recipe is the one that I use most often.
Red Beans and Rice (Large Commercial Recipe) -----------
Roasted Acorn Squash with Pork and Apple Stuffing ----------

Roasted Pork Medallions with Onions and Sauerkraut ------  This is a GREAT Winter/Comfort Food/Catered Recipe!

Roasted Pork Soft Tacos ------ A true South of the Border Dish

Seared Fillet Mignon Bites with Diane Sauce --------------- Great as an Entré or HDO
Shrimp and Crawfish (Cajun) Quesadillas --------------------
Shrimp Breaux Bridge ----------------------------------------- 

Shrimp, Okra and Andouille with Red Quinoa Recipe ---- Super for Breakfast or Dinner Buffets.
Shrimp, Sausage and Chicken Jambalaya ---------------  This is the recipe that I use in my cooking classes
Shrimp Thermidor with Vol-Au-Vent Shell --------------------  
Smoked Softshells Meunière ---------------

Smokies Cheesy Penne Pasta ---- This is what I serve at the Zoo to Do for Kids every year!! 
Southwest Louisiana Grilled Chicken Breast --------
Standing Rib Roast ------------
Stuffed Eggplant Skiffs ------------

Stuffed Italian/Creole Artichokes ---  A MUST for St. Joseph's Day!!
Stuffed Miriton Riverboats ----------- 24 servings

Stuffed Mirliton Riverboats -----------12 servings
The Chili from Hell --------------------

Tasso, Crawfish and Shrimp Country Corn Macque Choux Entree

Thrice Cooked Duck --------- This is a great Christmas and Easter family recipe..

Throwdown Jambalaya---------This is the recipe I used in the show "Throwdown with Bobby Flay"

Throwdown 5 Gallon Pot Jambalaya ------ This is the recipe that Laurent (The Boy) and I cooked for the show the day before the actual Throwdown

Throwdown Dutch Oven Jambalaya ------- This is a reduced recipe that you can cook at home!

Jambalaya Thoughts --- Do's and Don'ts
Tornadoes Nicoise ----------------------
Veal Meatballs -----------------------------
Veal Emile ---------------  This is one of my favorites!

Wasabi Omelet --------- Wanta wake up!! Try this Wasabi and Crabmeat Omelet!

Wasabi Steamed Mussels -------- Very casually elegant!!

White Beans with Spiral Ham and Tasso  ---------  A very Traditional Cajun Entreč

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