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Table of Contents - Cajun and Creole Breakfast Buffet Recipes



Shrimp and Cream Grits  The definitive Southern Breakfast Buffet Entre!!

Shrimp and Crawfish (Cajun) Quesadillas ----

Shrimp, Okra ,and Andouille with Red Quinoa Recipe ---- Super for Breakfast or Dinner Buffets.
Cajun Poulet Isles Recipe -----  Southwest Louisiana Breakfast Buffet Entre!

Crawfish Boil Etouffee Breakfast Buffet Recipe --- The best for early Mardi Gras Parade Parties and end of the year Crawfish leftovers

Crawfish Frittata Recipe  ---- Great for a Sunday Buffet or a early morning sports Tailgate Party!!!

Crawfish Omelet with Sauce  ------- Another great Sunday Buffet entree

Chipotle Mustard Omelet --------

Creole Poulet Isles Recipe ------ Fantastic for Sunday Brunches!

Dried Fig Pancake/Waffle Syrup Recipe ---- Wanta give your party a special treat.... Check out this simple recipe!

Egg PERFECT!!  ---- Skill and equipment are SOOOOO important in cooking this recipe!

Eggs Benedict, Cajun Country Style --------------
Eggs O'Brien ------ This is the recipe that we used at the Sunday Brunch for Buffs on the Bayou II at WTAMU

Creole Grillades (Veal) and Grits ----------Our favorite dish for Easter.

Creamy Cheesy Grits --------------------These are the best grits you will EVER make!

Whipped Creamed Grits -------- This recipe is the one that has morphed over the years...  I have used it since at least 2006

Fried Grits Boats ----- Fantastic when you have left over grits!

French Quarter Frittata  --- Eggs and Pasta!! Combo!
Veal Emile ---------------  This is one of my favorites!

Grilled Dilled Salmon Filet ---- Wake UP!!  this is GREAT and an Award winner!

Wasabi Omelet --------- Wanta wake up!! Try this Wasabi and Crabmeat Omelet!

Pain Perdu --- or called Lost Bread and commonly called French Toast

Pecan Praline Bacon ----- A MUST for your South Louisiana Breakfast Buffet

Creole Roasted Plantain Pirogues  ---- The perfect dessert for a Sunday Brunch!

Lazy Cajun Hollandaise Sauce -------

Marinated Tomato Medallions -------- Great side dish on a buffet

THE Rougaroux Date Martini ---- Perfect at the end of the Brunch!

Custom’s Mostly Traditional Bananas Foster -

Bananas Foster 10-12 Serving Size


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