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Latin Inspired Recipes

BTW, my cousin, Bob Folse "maestro of the Spanish guitar with jazz and rhythm in his soul"  Check out his website!!  or  Check out his youtube channel!!!



Abita Michelada ----- Try this Mexican drink with our local Abita Beer!

Black Bean Dip with Fried Tortillas --- This is one you can play with at home!

Black Beans and Rice   ---- (Moros y Cristianos or Moors and Christians)

Carrot, Onion and Jalapeño Salsa (Escabache)  Great substitute for the standard table salsa.

Chipotle Chicken Dippin' Sauce  This sauce is also great with pulled pork!

Chipotle Mustard Omelet  A great recipe for a one person omelet!

Craw"Fish" Tacos   A great recipe for leftover crawfish!

Creole Caesar Salad ---- Since Caesar Salad was invented in Mexico, I have included my variation here!

Creole Ceviche --- The complete guide to making "THE DEFINITIVE" ceviche.

Creole Roasted Plantain Pirogues  ------ A great South American fruit updated Creole Style! 

Charo Beans ---------- This is the best side dish for Fajitas (also spelled Charro Beans.)

Chili Gentilly ------ Thanks Eric!!! I learned to cook this in the late '70s

Creole Crawfish Rellenos ----------- Creole and Cajun inspired!

Creole Mango Salsa ----------- Great with Chicken or Fish

Cuban Sandwiches ----------Just like I had them in Miami 

Grilled Redfish Clams ---- This recipe will remind you of the beach food on Cozumel

Roasted Pork Soft Tacos (Ropa Vieja, or Old Man's Clothes in Spanish)

Ruston's Peach Salsa -------- Use this rather than a spicy salsa!

Shrimp and Crawfish (Cajun) Quesadillas --------- These are great luncheon HDOs

Tornadoes Nicoise ------------ Beef Tenderloins at their best


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