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Baked Idaho Potatoes --------------------
Baked Pork & Beans --------------------
Basmati Fried Rice -------Try this recipe when you want something different from regular Fried Rice

Cajun Crawfish with Spicy Cheese and Bowtie Pasta  (Cajun Mac and Cheese) - Great side dish or with a little more Crawfish an entree!
Cardo (Cardoon) -----------------------
Carrot Bundles --------------------
Charo Beans -----------------(also spelled Charro)  Great replacement for Refried Beans and BBQ Baked Beans
Chicken Stock Rice ---------------
Chili Gentilly -----------------------
Country Corn Macque Choux -------- Catering Chefs check out this recipe, ya gonna love it!
Crabmeat Stuffing ---------------------

Crawfish Au Gratin  --- A Good side dish.... A GREAT Entree!
Creole Cranberry Relish --------------------A MUST with a Creole Holiday Dinner!

Creole Crawfish Zucchini Casserole  ---   A great winter sidedish.
Creamy Cheesy Grits --------------------These are the best grits you will EVER make!

Whipped Creamed Grits -------- This recipe is the one that has morphed over the years...  I have used it since at least 2006
Creole Coleslaw ---------------------
Creole Parsley Potatoes ------------
Creole Holiday Dirty Rice --------------------- Thanks Toppy, for pushing me to type this up!!
Creole Ratatouille ---------------------
Creole Tomatoes Stuffed with Crabmeat ---------
Double Stuffed Baked Potatoes ------------
Dulac Duck Yorkshire Pudding --------------
Elegant Squash --------------------
Fried Grits Boats ------------
Herbal Pasta ------------
Marinated Baby Asparagus Spears ------- Great as a salad or a veggie!
Marinated Tomato Medallions ------- Also, great as a salad or a veggie!
Mom’s Parsley Potatoes -------------
MomMom’s Hush Puppies -------------
Mostly, German Potato Salad -------------
Potato Layered Shrimp  --------- Mary Margaret's GREAT use of potato skins!!!

Roasted Fennel Bubs with Three Cheeses --- Not just for Italians any more!!
Roasted Whole Corn on the Cob ---------
Seared Snap Beans in Sesame Chicken Slurry -------
Sherry Aspic ---------
Smothered Greens with Andouille, Bacon and Tasso  --------- This is the recipe I used in SMSU interactive cooking class
Smothered Mustard and Collard Greens  --------- This is the recipe I used at WT's "New Orleans Soul Food Cooking Class"
Stir-Fry Vegetables ---------

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