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Sauces & Vinegars Button Sauces are probably the most important ingredient of Cajun and Creole Cooking, they are the basis of most dishes. 



Anaheim Chile Pepper and Citrus Marinade -Hot --
Béarnaise Sauce -------------------------------------------
Beef Marinade --------------------

Cajun Spiced Mayo ------- The perfect condiment for a Fried Seafood PoBoy!
Caramelized Onions ---------------------------------
Carrot, Onion and Jalapeño Salsa (Escabache)  Great substitute for the standard table salsa.

Julienne Carrots and Red Onion Salad Condiments   Fantastic on most salads, burgers and Red Beans and Rice
Cay Lime Pepper Sauce ----------------------
Chicken Stock ---------------------
Chipotle Chicken Dippin Sauce ------------ This is great for pulled pork also!
Chipotle Remoulade Sauce ------------ To get a smoky flavor I used Silver Spring (TM) Chipotle Mustard
Chocolate Rum Sauce ------------
Classic Cocktail Sauce----------- I also have some ideas added to make is somewhat non-traditional
Coconut Curry Sauce --------------

Crawfish Sauce Base ------- This is the base for many a crawfish recipe (etouffee, pie, stew.....and many other) ya haveta learn it!!

Creole Brat Dipping Sauce  ------ Great with Brats and Kolaches

Creole Bread and Butter Pickled Cucumber Recipe --- These are MUCH better than the commercial ones!
Creole Mango Salsa --------------
Creole Mornay Sauce ------------
Creole Sauce --------------------
Custom’s Pesto Sauce -------------
Custom's Louisiana Hot Sauce -----------

Dried Fig Preserves ----- GREAT as a "Glaze" for pork tenderloins!

Dried Fig Pancake/Waffle Syrup Recipe ----- A Great use for out of season figs!

Fresh Fig Preserves Recipe #1  ----- DO this when they are available... Made with Vanilla, Louisiana Honey and Brown Sugar

Fresh Fig Preserves Recipe #2 ----- Made with Almond Extract, Louisiana Honey and Brown Sugar
Ginger/Grapefruit Marinade -----
Hawaiian Roasting Glaze -----
Horseradish Spice Dip ------------
Jerk Kiwi Sauce ------- Great for Jerk Chicken Wings!
Lazy Cajun Hollandaise Sauce -------

Marinated Tomato Medallions -------- Great side dish on a buffet
Oyster Sauce (not completed recipe)------------
Peppadew Remoulade Sauce Recipe --- Slightly sweet yet spicy!

Creole Pickled Cucumbers and Baby Corn Recipe  ---- GREAT for Po-Boys and Seafood Garnish

Pickled Purple Cabbage ------ Great topping for Red Beans, Pulled Pork and soooo many other dishes!!

Pickled Red Ripe Jalapeño Peppers, Baby Corn, Fresh Garlic.... MANY others!!!
President O'Brien's Remoulade Sauce ---------- This recipe is great for boiled shrimp or Eggs O'Brien
Remoulade Sauce --------------
Rice Wine Vinaigrette ----------
Rosemary Olive Oil -------------------
Ruston's Peach Salsa -----------------
Scratch Remoulade Sauce -------------Make your own Remoulade Sauce!
Shrimp and Basil Marinara Sauce -----
Shrimp Stock ------------------------------
Smoke/Roasted Garlic Purée -------
Smoke/Roasted Onion Purée ------------
Smoked Duck Stock or Demi Glaze -------
Smoked Garlic Olive Oil -----------------
Smoked Shrimp Sauce ------------------

Sweet Potato Butter Recipe------------A great addition to a Creole Brunch Buffet!
Table Salsa ------------------------
Tarragon and Garlic Vinegar --------------
The Captain’s Bread Pudding Sauce ----------
Traditional Cocktail Sauce ------------------ I also have some ideas added to make is somewhat non-traditional
Tomato Chutney ---------------

Uncle Freddie's, World Famous, Original, Traditional, Award Winning, Always Copied... Never Surpassed...   Orange Marmalade Recipe
Aurora Catering's Vodka Sauce ------ This is one of the best and most versatile sauces that you can use for seafood or a light ravioli pasta.
White Rose Shrimp Sauce ------

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