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Yield - 1 Breakfast Serving


OK!  OK!!  This is NOT my normal recipe... We recently had some House Guests in New Orleans for several days (Linda Rise and Andy Noyes), I cooked breakfast for them every morning... I think this recipe went over GREAT!!   (See Chef's Notes for tons more info!!)




1   FRESHLY BAKED BISCUIT or an ENGLISH MUFFIN or BAGEL (Cut horizontally and toasted)




Iron Skillet with Butter RecipeMethod

Use a small cast iron skillet that is highly seasoned and a VERY smooth interior bottom.  Melt 1 TBSP of butter on a very low temperature. Crack the egg and place in a small monkey dish (See Pic on Left),  this will ensure that the yolk is NOT broken and intact. (If it is, then add the egg to a separate dish, scramble and use in an omelet!).   NOTE!!! The butter is NOT brown!!!  Keep the heat on low, add the egg and simmer until the white of the egg is cooked and the yolk is still "runny".  (See Chef's Notes below)


After the egg has simmered a minute or so, GENTLY, use a spatula and ensure that the egg is free from the bottom of the skillet.


IF, over easy eggs are asked for... use the spatula or the Chef's technique of flipping the egg.  (This flip is not that difficult to do with a little practice!


PERFECT EGG!!!!!Alternate Method

IF the Chef needs to cook this dish a little faster.... then I would suggest to have 6 - 8 skillets available.  They are realizably inexpensive.  I can keep 3 or 4 skillets simmering at one time..... ALSO.... YOU can use a heated skillet upside down as lid... The heat from above will help cook the whites of the egg quickly!!


Plate Presentation

Place a toasted biscuit, English muffin or bagel on an individual serving plate.  Spread a dollop of cream cheese on the toast, slide the egg from the skillet.  Then sprinkle on bacon bits, tasso, or Chef's chosen meat bits.  A few pinches of Spanish Paprika and dill weed finish the plate.  Serve!


Chef's Notes:

First of all it is VERY important that you use a 6 inch cast iron skillet.  The skillet will evenly distribute the heat and lightly fry the egg as needed..   I LOVE fried eggs, but I am not so much in favor of the edges of the egg to be brown and crispy.  SOOOO, it is VERY important to slowly sauté or cook the egg WITHOUT browning!!  The egg needs a large area to cook... I do NOT like using circular confinement utensils to make the egg perfectly round... That would make it look like a commercial fast food restaurant and NOT a specialty egg cooked by a Chef!


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