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Roasted Pork Soft Tacos, Ropa Vieja (Old Clothes)
Yield - about - 10 Dinner Servings (30 Tacos)

8 - 10 lb PORK SHOULDER roast
1 GARLIC POD (Peeled, leave toes whole)
Sabores Aztecas Salsa Chipotle1/3 cup HOUSE SEASONINGS (See recipe)

1  16.3 ounce JAR Sabores Aztecas Salsa Chipotle

60  corn tortillas (6 inch diameter size)
Lot Peanut oil
1 pint Asian pickled cabbage
1 pint pica de gallo

Clean pork roast of exterior fat and silver skin, but ensure that the roast is one piece of meat.  Use a thin blade filet knife, and stab the roast about 2 inches deep, insert one of the toes of garlic. Continue in other portions of the pork until all of the garlic is stuffed into the roast. Rub House Seasonings on to all exterior surfaces of the roast.

Preheat a 12 quart Dutch oven, over high heat sear the roast until brown; then slow roast in a preheated (275F - 300F) oven for 3 - 4 hours.  When done, the meat should be falling off of the bone.  Remove from oven, place roast in sheet pan and allow the meat to rest for a hour.  Reserve drippings for other dishes (see Chef Notes below).

Use two forks and shred the meat in to pieces about an inch to two inches long and the thickness of a pencil.  Place the shredded meat in a stainless steel mixing bowl, add the salsa chipotle and coat completely. Reserve warm.

In a cast iron skillet, add oil and bring to a temperature of 350F. Carefully drop in tortillas, allow to fry for about 15 seconds, turn and remove quickly. Place the softened tortillas on a wire rack and allow to drain.

Alternate Method
The pork roast can be cooked in a BBQ pit to give the dish an additional and distinctive smoky flavor.

Plate Presentation
Use a large warmed ceramic serving platter, place one tortilla on top of another, fork about an ounce of meat on top of the tortilla, then place cheese on top of the meat, place under salamander for a minute, or until cheese melts.  Serve with ornate bowls of pickled cabbage and pica de gallo.

Chef Notes

Ropa Vieja means "Old Clothes" in Spanish, the dish gets it's name from the look of shredded cloth.

To make a pork gravy for other dishes, place the Dutch oven in the cooler and refrigerate for at least an hour.  The grease will separate from the drippings and will float to the top and congeal.  Use a spoon and skim off grease and discard.  Return the Dutch oven to the stove top and over medium heat, simmer roux, onions, or whatever ingredients that you wish to make a gravy or stock.

For many years I have not recommended specific products.  BUT of late, I have realized that certain products transcend the norm. The Sabores Aztecas Salsa Chipotle is an exception, use this and you will not use any other, trust me.

If there are any leftovers, the meat will make one of the best Po Boy you ever had!

If you don't like the ingredients in our House Seasonings then check out our Pantry of Dry Rubs.

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