Cuban Sandwich before grilling.Aurora Catering's

Cuban Sandwiches

Yield - 1/2 Baking Sheet or 6 - 15 inch long sandwiches (See Chef's Notes)

3  LBS SMOKED HAM (Shaved)
1 - 1/2 LBS SWISS CHEESE (Sliced)

Slice the buns lengthwise, spread a very light coating of mayo on the both halves.  Next place a slice of cheese on both tops and bottoms.  Divide the ham evenly between the loafs and again arrange on both tops and bottoms. If you choose to use one of the alternate ingredients, then substitute for half the ham. Next arrange a row of pickles and fold over to construct the sandwiches.

Add weight to flatten the sandwich.Cooking Process:
The traditional way!  Preheat a large cast iron skillet to medium/low heat. Cut one of the sandwiches to fit in the skillet. Place the sandwich on the skillet then use another skillet and place that one on top of the sandwich.
Use a brick if needed to add weight to the top skillet.  Allow the sandwich to cook for 2 -4 minutes or as the cheese starts to melt.  Remove the top skillet and brick.

These are perfect!Use a spatula to turn the sandwiches.  Replace the weights to grill the top side.  Grill for 2 -4 minutes or until the cheese again starts to melt. Remove the weight and remove the sandwiches with the spatula.  The sandwich should be a dark brown, but not burnt. Controlling the heat is very important, you want to brown the outside of the bun, but you also want to heat the sandwich through and through. My suggestion is to learn your equipment, and know how high you need your flame.

You can, of course use a George Forman Griddle or any residential Panini griddle, but this is the best way to accomplish your task as a Chef.


Alternate Method
1 -1/2 LBS PORK LOIN ST LAURENT (See Recipe)  (Sliced very thin)  OR

1 - 1/2 LBS PORK POT ROAST (See Recipe)  (Shredded)

 Substitute ONE of the above for 1 -1/2 pounds of ham.

Great with a couple of beers!

Plate Presentation
You want the bread to be toasted dark but not burnt.  These are perfect!!  Serve with a couple of COLD beers!



Chef's Notes:
I have been purchasing the 15 inch hoagie buns from Sam's Club. They come 6 to a pack and fill a 1/2 baking sheet pan perfectly!

BTW, you need to use a hoagie bun, French Bread crust is too dry and crunchy.  A hoagie bun is somewhat sweeter and softer, you need this so that when the sandwich is being grilled the top and bottom will brown properly.

Also, I like to grill two sandwiches at a time.  When I grill one, the weight has a tendency to lean to one side. BUT when two are grilled they seem to balance each other out and the weight tends to  applied itself evenly.


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