Our Easter FrittataAurora Catering's

 Cajun Crawfish Frittata
Yield - 12 Brunch or Luncheon sized servings



1/4  GALLON CRAWFISH STOCK or (See Chef's Notes below)


1/2  BUNCH LEEKS (White-bottom parts only, thinly sliced)
1/4  CUP PIMENTOS (Roasted, Peeled and Diced)

1/8 LB BUTTER (Melted)

1/4 LB TASSO (Cut into 1/8 inch slices then quartered)

1 DOZEN EGGS (Well Beaten, or air infused with an immersion blender)



In a 2 gallon stock pot add stock and about 1 gallon water.  Over high heat, bring to a boil.... Add pasta and cook till "Al Dente"..... Strain in a colander and reserve warm.


In a large stainless steel bowl combine the next seven ingredients, mix thoroughly. 


Meanwhile, in a large (14 inch minimum), heavy non-stick Teflon or cast iron skillet and over medium heat; add the butter and tasso, lightly simmer.  Then add the stock boiled pasta into the skillet. Spread the pasta out evenly over the entire pan. Gently blend in the ingredients of the stainless steel bowl; next, slowly add the egg batter. Evenly distribute the  eggs though out the pan, including the sides. Sprinkle in the crawfish and fat evenly throughout the pan.


Allow the eggs, crawfish and pasta to simmer for 5 - 6 minutes. Do not stir or move the filling once the eggs have been added. Lift the pan to a 15 degree angle and place the edge of the pan directly over the heat. This will allow the edges and sides of the frittata to cook and brown. Turn the pan 90 degrees, tilt the pan again and cook as before. Continue to do this to ensure even cooking throughout the entire bottom and sides of the frittata.   Lift the edges of the frittata to check for color and doneness, the top should be somewhat cooked through and just a little runny.


Place a circular platter (at least 16 inches in diameter) on top of the skillet, hold the bottom of the platter in place and quickly turn both skillet and platter over together. (As you would do a pineapple upside-down cake or shrimp mold.) Then slide the frittata into the skillet to finish cooking the original top side. Move the pan around the heat to insure even cooking. When done, the eggs and crawfish should be completely cooked through and the pasta and cheese lightly golden brown.


Alternate Method
IF you don't like pasta, then I would suggest to use parboiled russet potato shavings.  This is the more traditional American Frittata.


Chef's Cooking Station
Add or substitute crabmeat, shrimp or poached oysters for the crawfish. Precook these in advance, chill and place in separate display bowls.


Cook smaller frittatas, use two (2) non-stick 8 inch skillets, also select a portable two burner propane or gas burning stove top. Place all of the ingredients in separate display bowls, arrange the ingredients so that they are in a logical order of use.


Over medium heat place about 1 cup of coated pasta in the skillet and distribute evenly over the pan. Allow the guest to choose the filling ingredients, ladle in 4 ounces of beaten eggs. Cook the frittata until the bottom is golden brown, ensure that the edges are browned. Flip the frittata and cook until the egg batter is cooked throughout.


When done, place the frittata on a wooden cutting board, cut the frittata with a pizza wheel and serve. (This can make about several servings).


Plate Presentation
Serve the frittata in the circular serving tray that was used to assist in the turning. Precut the frittata in the traditional pie cut and serve it with a cake server. (Or cut in squares like a deli pizza.) Allow guest to add their own favorite sauces of Marinara, Hollandaise or even Creole. (See Recipes)


Crab and Shrimp PasteChef's Notes:
If you don't have crawfish stock, then I would recommend using a blend of both shrimp and crab paste, about 1-1/2 TSP each ... See Pic on the right!


The right equipment is a must when preparing this dish. If your cast iron skillet is well seasoned, very smooth bottom with slopping sides, than this is the perfect tool to use. If, however, you have a silver stone/heavy metal alloy skillet that is unblemished use it. Note also that a cast iron skillet filled with ingredients can become very heavy and may be difficult for some people to turn over with a platter on top of it.  With either skillet make sure you have several hand towels to ensure that you don't burn your hands.


We also made some great friends when we did the dish for our Easter Picnic of 2008, check us out!


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