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Chicken or Turkey Stock
Yield -1-Plus Gallon of Stock


5 -7 LBS CHICKEN OR TURKEY BONES (Gizzards, hearts, and necks optional, NO Livers)
2 LARGE ONIONS (Quartered with skin on)
2 CARROTS (Chopped into large pieces)

In a large (20 Quart) stock pot and over high heat, add water and all ingredients and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to medium and allow to simmer for 1&1/2 hours, BUT keep the boil at a nice rolling boil, add water as needed.

Strain and discard all bones and seasonings, refrigerate broth until stock gels. When the stock has chilled, skim off any grease that may solidify at the top of the stock.

Alternate Method
If a smoke/roaster is available place the bones in a 225F smoker for 1/2 hour before adding to the stock pot. This will give the stock a decidedly smoked and rich flavor. The stock will also appear slightly darker.

Plate Presentation
If a chicken stock is required for table service to your guests, then a warmed gravy boat with ladle will usually suffice.

Chef's Notes:
Chicken, Turkey or Duck stock is an integral ingredient in most Cajun/Creole cooking. It is used in making gumbo, jambalaya, steaming rice, ettouffees and many more; learn to make it- learn to use it!

When I make a turkey stock I keep my heat up a little higher and longer, I know when it is done by the color of the stock, it takes on an opaque color, almost like a cream. This can take several hours, and the color is dependent on the original condition of the bones. If the bones were from a fried turkey then the stock will be darker and more intense.

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