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Shrimp or any Seafood Stock (see Alternate Method below)
Yield - about 2 Quarts

Shrimp Shells for Stock5 LBS FRESH SHRIMP

1 LARGE ONION (Quartered)

1/2 BUNCH CELERY ( Coarsely Chopped)

Peel the shrimp and reserve the meat for other dishes, of coarse reserve the heads, shells and feelers for the stock.

In a 10 quart stock pot place the shells and heads of the peeled shrimp, add the onions and celery.  Add just 3 quarts of water. Use a Chef’s spoon to crush the heads and shells into the water. It is important to use as little of water as possible, this will concentrate the flavors of the desired stock.

Boil the stock over high heat for only about 15 minutes. Allow it to cool for 5 - 10 minutes.  Set up a colander on top of another 10 quart pot. Pour the stock into the colander, and separate the shells from the stock. Crush the heads to get all of the juice out. 

Allow the stock to cool at least an hour before refrigeration.  Pour into a plastic container, refrigerate for a half hour, then cover with an airtight lid.

Shrimp StockAlternate Method
The shells of crabs, lobsters and crawfish should also be saved to make their respective stocks. Also the bones and heads of most white meat fish can be used.  You can also add carrots, bell peppers, and fresh garlic to the water then boil along with the shells.

I also like to add smoked Spanish paprika to the stock.... This is give the stock a beautiful salmon color... Along with a fantastic flavor.

Plate Presentation
When you are ready to use the stock, stir it a little, shrimp stock has a tendency to settle.

Chef's Notes:
Stocks are the lifeblood of Cajun and Creole cooking. Do not take them lightly, you cannot become a true South Louisiana cook without understanding their significance in cooking.  Thanks, Michael from PA, I hope the changes make it a little clearer!

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