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Crawfish Boil Potato Salad
Yield  about 1 Gallon


3 LBs  new potatoes from boil (
peeled, diced 1/4in pieces, chilled)
Everything you need for this potato salad!!1/2 LB cut corn  (Cut from the boiled cobbettes, chilled)
1/2 LB Mushrooms From Boil (
Cut into quarters, chilled)
3 PODS garlic from Boil  (
Squeezed from pods, mashed and puréed, chilled)
1 LEMON From boil (
Mashed and Finely Chopped including rind, chilled)
1 LARGE red onion
(Finely minced)
1 cup celery
(Finely minced)
1/2 cup capers
(Finely minced)
1 TBSP Zatarain's Pro Crab boil
1 tbsp  red pepper flakes
3 cups mayonnaise
1 tbsp  red pepper flakes
1/2 CUP creole mustard

Combine all in a 24 inch stainless steel mixing bowl, gently fold.  Cover, Chill overnight.

Plate Presentation
Set up a buffet serving line, place in a bowl that are sitting in a ice bath.

Chef's Notes:

Make sure you use the Zatarain's "PRO" Crab Boil, it is FAR superior to their traditional seasonings, and not as HOT!

This is a GREAT use for those extra leftovers after a Crawfish Boil!

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