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 Gumbo Giveback, April 19, 2008


Just about time to add the crafish to the boil!Many people asked for our recipes...of Creole Caesar Salad Dressing, Boiled Crawfish, Bread Pudding, Southern Comfort Sauce... Sooooo here they are all in one MSWord doc! IACP_Recipes.doc to down load.....OR, if you would just like to view the HTML.

Laurent Stieffel and Chef Joe Previte Boilling CrawfishSome pics from this great event.


There were over 300 people at this Convention Wrap up party and they all wanted to eat some indigenous South Louisiana cooking.   WELL, that is what we did for them!

Chef Joe Previte of Port o Call restaurant adds crawfish...Chef Laurent, Emile, Sean, Chef Joe Previte and Danny Taravella (thank goodness we had Joe there, he seems to be the only one working!!! Just kidding guys!!)Boiled Crawfish, Lemons, Onions and Potatoes!

Chef Emile and Laurent Stieffel Laurent and I also cooked some Throwdown Jambalaya for the event.  We pre cooked a 10 gallon pot, so that everyone could eat. But we also demonstrated how to cook jambalaya in my 4 gallon rig.


More Pics of the IACP Gumbo Giveback

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