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WDSU TV, New Orleans  May 31, 2009David Willis, Crab Whisperer

 Michelle was with me this year, and we thought that we would feature our local and fresh Louisiana Seafood.  So we prepared our Shrimp and Crabmeat over Creamy Cheese Grits.

I have catered the Volunteer Bunch for the past 4 or 5 years, and the one dish that they love is my Creamy Cheese Grits, so to feature them on TV should be special.

"Crab Whisperer" David WillisNow, to make sure we had really fresh seafood, I had live crabs!!! See them directly in front of the stovetop!  To keep them corralled we enlisted the help of our own personal "Crab Whisperer" David Willis.

We really had a ball with the crabs running all over the counter top, Dave jumping in with his tongs....... All Caught LIVE on camera!!

OH, YEA, we did cook, and all 2 gallons of grits, 5 lbs of Shrimp, and 3 crabs (I cooked 'em) all were wolfed down!Meg, myself and Michelle

Check out Margaret Orr! Finger lickin' good





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