Al Loupe and Friends

  Crawfish Boil

 June 6, 2009

Al Loupe has a beautiful home in the Carrolton area of New Orleans, actually the home was owned by our prior mayor Marc Morial.  And every year he throws a Crawfish Boil for his family and friends, I have had the privilege to cater the event for the past 6 or 7 years!

Even though the boil was held in the heat of June, the trees, bushes and tall house supplied a constantly cool breeze in the side yard.  Everyone just chilled out!


Cuban Sandwiches, grillin in the skillet!Well, almost everyone, I had to cook! BUT hey, That's my job!!

We supplied Jambalaya, Cuban Sandwiches and Crawfish!!   Check out the Cuban Sandwiches on the left, golden brown just about ready to be taken out of the skillet!  If you  want my recipe for these sandwiches, just CLICK HERE or on the pic!


A Great time was had by all!





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