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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Emile Laurent Stieffel IV and MichelleWhile Liz and I were doing our Demo for the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board (LSPMB), my son (Laurent) and daughter (Michelle) were cooking their entrees in the “Get Seen, Get Seafood” competition.  

Laurent fried some really fat and beautiful “Hallelujah Soft Shell Crabs with Heavenly Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta”. He did these like I had fried with Bernie Cyrus on LTV about 15 years ago!! His Angel Hair Pasta was the perfect swirled nest for his lightly seared garlic/butter glazed shrimp. Escourting Liz to the Judging Table!I am SOOOOOO SORRY, I didn’t get a pic of his dish! Damn!


Liz and I had to hurry back from the Demo to enter our “Who Dat, Fried Soft Shell Crawfish”, the video of us is on YouTube, this is SOOOO Funny!

We had a black platter painted with gold and labeled “Who Dat” and “Geaux Saints”! The soft shelled crawfish were presented on a bed of fresh spinach and drizzled with a light remoulade sauce! Really cool!

The judges ate every last one of them!!!

When we left the judges, we felt really confident we did well!!




Michelle cooked her “Geaux Saints, Touchdown Seafood Shooter Platter”. These were pretty cool. We made wooden trays that had six holders for her shot glasses. Each one was designed to hold and feature all six Louisiana seafoods marketed by the LSPMB. She did a fantastic job preparing Gulf Red Snapper Ceviche, Vodka Laced Oyster Shooter, Crawfish Bisque, Backfin Lump Crabmeat with Louisiana Remoulade Sauce, and BBQ Shrimp.


Now if you are counting that is only 5 seafood dishes. She forgot the Louisiana Alligator Sausage at home!!! Well we had 6, not 5 shooter glasses. BIG Problem!! She filled the 6th one with Abita Beer, and told the judges to clean their pallet from the food of the contestant before her. WELL, that was my dish!!


The pics don’t do her justice, her explanation of each shooter was hilarious, she really “SOLD” her shooter platters!! For example, the Crawfish Bisque was too thick to pour out of the shooter. And she didn't include a spoon in the Crawfish Bisque. SOOOO, she told them it is a “Finger Shot”, “You have heard of a Body Shot, well this is a Finger Shot, ya gotta use your finger to scoop out the bisque! NOW, that is quick thinking!!



SOOOOO, now the results!

OK, Laurent and I didn’t win. OK, we didn’t even place!



MIMI took SECOND PLACE!!! YEP, she only lost to the Executive Chef of the Hotel Intercontinental!! (Now THAT is some competition!!!!) And she beat me and Laurent! YOU GO GIRL!


After the competition, one of the judges came up to us to inspect the Soft Shelled Crawfish.  They are harvested, cleaned then flash frozen on a disposable foam platter.

For info on the Soft Shelled Crawfish contact:

Ms. Liz Sherman


1465 Audubon Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA  70806


225-208-1578 – fax


Contact us for further details....ChefEmile@CustomCatering.net

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