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Fried Soft Shelled Crawfish Demonstration

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Chef Emile and Liz Sherman Demo

This was a whirlwind weekend!!!

We started Saturday off with an absolutely fascinating demonstration frying soft shelled crawfish!  The Demo drew several hundred fair goers!!!

Liz Sherman of LTE Softshell Crawfish supplied the mud bugs, and I supplied the laughs!

This was a part of the Board's "Get Seen, Get Seafood" promotion.

SOOOOO, we decided to "Be Seen!!!!!!!!"

Here we are yukin' it up!!!

Chef Emile and Liz Sherman foolin around!

NOTE: The soft shells you see above are vacuumed sealed and flash frozen on foam trays!

For info on the Soft Shelled Crawfish contact:

Ms. Liz Sherman


1465 Audubon Ave.

Baton Rouge, LA  70806


225-208-1578 fax


Contact us for further details....ChefEmile@CustomCatering.net

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