A seafood boil is pure New OrleansSouth Louisiana Seafood Boil

Veggies in the BoilShrimp, Crabs and Louisiana's favorite crustacean the Crawfish! All are staples of our Cajun and Creole crawfish Chef Emile StieffelCooking! We boil them to perfection with a complete assortment of fixin's by the experienced Chefs of Aurora Catering.

Many Cajuns judge a chef on how he boils his seafood, they call that “Joie De Vie” or loosely in English “Joy of Life”.

So, how would you like to go to a party and eat all the Chef Laurent Stieffel and Chef Joe boiling Crawfishjumbo shrimp ya can!!! Our standard package includes:

Boiled Shrimp, Crabs, or Crawfish*,
Award winning Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
Boiled Corn on the Cob, and seasoned New Potatoes
Boiled all beef Hot Dogs and Hot Louisiana Smoked Sausage
Buttered Garlic French Bread

Some options are:
Draft Beer and Soft Drinks, Full Bar Service, or Additional Services of Video, Disc Jockeys, etc.

* Seasonal availability on all seafood products.


Contact us for further details....ChefEmile@CustomCatering.net

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