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Eric and Barbara Sandler's

Wedding Reception

March 29, 2009

This is a great shot..... one of my dearest and oldest friends, Mr. Eric McAnnelly kissing his daughter, Barbara at her wedding to Mr. Eric Sandler.



A long, long time ago, I catered HIS wedding to Elaine. Well, sorta....... we met as engineers working for Johnson Controls Inc., we both left JCI, ... (Eric is now an attorney and I a chef......SOOO Go Figure!!)  We kept in contact, and when he married his wife, Elaine, I cooked some jambalaya for their wedding!! Eric and Elaine put me up in their house during that whole Katrina thing!  Another New Orleanian in Houston!! HEY, BUT I moved back to New Orleans!!


Well anyway, Barbara asked me if I would cater her wedding and I jumped at the occasion!! Barbara and Eric designed the menu to be both Cajun and Jewish friendly!  This was somewhat of a challenge because Cajun food is so highly concentrated with pork and shellfish.  So what we ended up doing was to make some dishes traditional Cajun and include the no Kosher food items.  But other dishes we modified, we removed the pork and substituted turkey and beef.



The wedding reception was held in the ballroom of the Italian Cultural & Community Center of Houston, Texas.  It is a beautiful facility in the heart of Houston on 1101 Milford St.  The ballroom holds 120 people and we used every square inch because that's how many people we had!


Mini MuffalettasWe prepared two buffet stations.  The first was a cold Food Station that included Mini Hummus (Left) and Baba Ghannouj (Right)Muffalettas with tons of Olive Salad (Recipe), a White Fish Salad, Hummus, Baba Ghannouj, Pita Wedges.  We wanted the guests to have something to munch on while the pictures were being taken at the Synagogue.


For our displaced Cajuns, I cooked a Crawfish Ettouffee, the Mini Muffalettas (above),  and a traditional Chicken and Pork Sausage Jambalaya (not shown).


  Soooooo, I thought that is was best to slow the cooking down and hit some of the hard stuff, some rum, vodka and tequila.  SOOOOOOO, I just kept the food flowing.   Eric and I decided that the REAL party was in the kitchen.!!!





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