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Star Parties & Deep Space Sky Events

(Step outside... and let Mother Nature supply the backdrop for your event!)

Chef Emile StieffelNew Orleans and South Louisiana has many locations that are picture perfect for your Star Party!

Check out our first video pics of the Moon!!

 These were taken with our Meade Deep Sky Imager II


We can supply several awesome Telescopes, you can choose a Meade LX200 12" Telescope and/or a Meade 12" UHTC LX 90 GPS and/or a Meade ETX 125mm Telescope for viewing.  We also have a great Meade Solar Total Eclispe 2017Newtonian DS-8  available for manual viewing.


DS-8 Telescope Transit of Venis

How's this pic I took of the Total Solar Eclipse in Santee State Park, South Carolina , in 2017!





HowTransit of VenusCheck out my pics of the Transit of Venus, June 5, 2012


PLUS catered with the finest in Cajun and Creole cuisine and foods!

Nature lovers, astronomers, and groups sure do like getting together with their friends for a night of viewing, discussion, food, drink, fun and games.

Star Parties are nights where professional and amateur astronomers get together at a dark sky site for an observing festival.  Dark sky sites are preferred because of better viewing conditions, so they are often (but not always) out of town.  We have several places that we have viewed the constellations, planets, star clusters and even nebula. Also some of our locations, we can plan on camping out all night!!!

This is a great party for Scout Troups, Church and Singles Groups. Learn about the cosmos and eat some Award Winning Jambalaya at the same time!!


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