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Meat Preparation Techniques

Trim beef steaks to 1/8 inch fat. This will lower the calories and fat grams while not appreciable affect the flavor of the meat. However, do not remove the center portions of fat found in rib eyes or the tail of sirloin strips. Whereas this fat is usually not eaten, it does add significant flavor to the surrounding meat.

Another reason to remove as much fat as possible from the meat is that a reduction of grease drippings will minimize the possibility of open flame.

Before marinating, remove all silver skin from any beef, pork or lamb product. The silver skin is the very fine layer of shinny tendon membrane that covers the outermost portions of whole muscles. This thin layer of membrane inhibits the absorption of any marinade and is usually tough to chew and digest. It is imperative to remove the silver skin from the inside of pork or beef ribs, no exceptions.

When grilling chicken over very hot fires, remove the wings and legs from the breast and thighs. The smaller and thinner parts of the chicken require much less time than the thicker portions and would dry up before the meatier parts are cooked completely.

If you are interested in reducing the fat content and caloric count then remove the skin and fat from chicken and other foul. Brush the meat with olive oil just prior to placement on the grill. This will minimize the meat from sticking to the grill.

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