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Cochon de Lait Carving Tips


The top pic is the Cochon de Lait on the grill, ready for presentation. 

The second pic is with the pig cleaned of any ashes and the skin is lightly olive oiled so as to present a light glossy sheen.  BTW, I have never placed sun glasses on a pig before, but I just thought that the grin that this pig had was toooo cool.

I cut the side closest to me, while NOT cutting the side of the pig that is facing the guests.  This shows the pig's presentation for the longest amount of time.  Note in the last pic that half of the pig has been served, BUT.... it still looks very presentable.

Cut from the back of the pig’s neck all the way to it’s tail (along the backbone) about 1/2 inch deep.

You just want to cut into the skin. Then cut several vertical cuts from the back bone to the belly of the pig. Next, peel off the pigs skin. Some portions of the skin may be cracked (roasted crisp) ; however most of the skin is tough because I slow smoke/roast the pigs rather than use a high heat roasting method.

Once the skin is removed use the knife to cut away most of the outside fat. This will expose the smoked meat.

Serve the ribs and center section first, these are the thinner sections of the pig and are usually done first. The hams and shoulders are thicker and the meat will continue to cook internally.

Save the bones for red beans and rice. Save the head for hog’s head cheese.

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